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Why Facebook Business Manager is a Big Deal for Auto Marketers

I don't know how else to put this, but Facebook Business Manager is kind of a big deal.

In early November, we covered how carousel ads are key to your automotive digital marketing strategy. We’d like to continue our spiel on the wonders of Facebook advertising, but direct your attention to Business Manager.

Facebook launched Business Manager last year, benefiting advertisers who share multiple Pages and ad accounts. The beauty of Business Manager is the ability to separate the business from personal, and create, optimize, and monitor your ads from one ads account.

All Your Automotive Ads In One Place

With Facebook Business Manager, your co-workers or employees can access the same account and see all your ad campaigns from one place.

This is highly beneficial when it comes to reporting, and you can rest assured knowing your ads are in a more secure place. You don’t have to log in and out of multiple accounts, share passwords, or link personal accounts to client work. Easily see who is working on what, and check analytics of every single ad from one location.

Facebook Business manager helps automotive marketers be more organized and efficient.

Only admins can invite other people to join Business Manager. Those without admin access may still view settings and get assigned to ad accounts and Pages. Business Manager is designed for companies of any size. Whether you own a large or small automotive business, your Facebook advertising efforts will surely be more successful with Business Manager.

Another key benefit is Facebook Business Manager’s integration with Instagram ads. If your auto dealership has an Instagram account, give Instagram ads a try alongside your Facebook ads.

Create An Audience with Business Manager

Business Manager has a fantastic built-in targeting feature, allowing you to hone in on interested leads. You’re able to discover leads by targeting specific demographics, interests, and behaviors you’d like to reach with your ads. 

Business Manager also provides the advantage of importing custom audiences from your database of contacts. By utilizing this feature, you can get your messages in front of the right audience. Facebook advertising for auto dealers is even more profitable when you tailor your target audience to your best potential customers.

Besides custom audiences, you may also set up a Lookalike Audience to find people who look like your current customers and visitors to your website or Page fans. Since this list is based on traits your existing leads and customers share, your marketing efforts are extremely targeted.

Facebook Advertising for Automotive Dealers

It’s clear that Facebook Business Manager is kind of a big deal. We already know that auto ads boast a click-through rate double that of the average Facebook ad. If you’re an auto marketer and you’re not using Business Manager, it’s probably time to start.

If you’re new to Facebook ads, learn the basics first. Download our free step-by-step guide to take you through the basics of creating Facebook advertisements for automotive marketing.


*Photo Credit: The American Genius