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Why All Auto Marketers Should Be Using Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor

With great power comes great responsibility.

But you don’t need to be Peter Parker to understand Power Editor.

Facebook Power Editor will help you create ads based on a consumer’s purchase history and lifestyle. This is indeed an extremely powerful tool that offers you immense targeting possibilities for car shoppers and more.

Not everyone is meant to use Power Editor. But if you’re an automotive marketer, the choice to use ordinary Facebook Ads Manager is no longer an option.

I’m sure you’ve seen the “Boost Post” button when you update your business page. Truth be told, some advertisers settle for the convenience (and mediocre results) of that button alone.

But we know you’re better than that.

Amateur Hour Is Over

Before I begin sharing the wonders of Facebook Power Editor with you, I’d like to provide you with a similar warning Ben Parker granted Peter Parker before he took on the responsibility of keeping his city safe from this guy, this guy, and these other guys.

Facebook Power Editor

In order to harness the strength of Power Editor for automotive marketing, you need to possess the patience and hunger for learning something new.

Basically, Power Editor is a plugin that works with Google Chrome. When you want to use it, you download all of your data from Ads Manager and then create your ads from there.

A Facebook ad has three main elements: the campaign, the ad set, and the ad itself. In the campaign portion, you select the objective of your ad, such as website clicks or Page likes. The ad set is where you set up the targeting, budget, and lifespan of your ad. And the ad creation is the final step.

Facebook Power Editor

I promise you, I was a bit skeptical of Power Editor myself. At first impression, I thought the tool seemed complex and a little disconnected. But now I have adapted to how the hierarchy of the ad setup works, and you can too.

Honestly, the results speak for themselves. Your automotive Facebook ads will perform better with Power Editor. Adjust to the tool like I did, and reap the rewards!

Advanced Targeting for Automotive Marketing

The next time you set up a Facebook ad, give Power Editor a try. The tool allows you insane targeting possibilities to pull in not just leads, but leads who are closer to working their way through the sales funnel.

If you’d like to cast your web around a certain audience from your CRM, give Custom Audiences or a Lookalike campaign a try. A Lookalike Audience list is constructed from traits your existing leads and customers share, allowing your marketing efforts to be extremely targeted. This will help you find people who are similar to your current customers or Facebook fans.

Have you seen ads on Facebook that appear after you visited a website and viewed a particular product page? You can create a similar ad for your dealership with the help of Power Editor.

Those who buy a car from your dealership will likely do research ahead of time before physically visiting your car lot. This is especially true for millennials.

By retargeting to leads who are visiting your website on a platform like Facebook, where people spend 40 minutes per day, your messages are more likely to get discovered.

A Facebook ad could be the very start of the buyer's journey you’ve heard us mention before.

Ad Placement + Bulk Ad Creation

Where your automotive marketing Facebook ads are placed can make a huge difference in your results.

With Power Editor, you’re able to advertise more effectively to the right people. At 9 Clouds, we notice that most people tend to engage with advertisements from their mobile devices. With a key insight like this, you could choose to focus your ad budget solely on mobile, or set up your ads to show up when your mobile audience is connected to WiFi.

You may also create automotive Facebook ads in bulk with Power Editor. Give A/B testing a go by trying several different messages and maximizing the performance of the ones that resonate with your target audience.

Power Editor makes it easy to create a variety of messages on the fly. Try a different photo or new text. The insights you acquire will help you with future Facebook ad success.

To Bring Things Full Circle…

Remember, Spiderman didn’t have a strong grasp of his powers at first. He worked hard to gain control of his spidey senses, and look where he is today. He’s freakin’ crushing it.

I can now declare with confidence that I really enjoy Power Editor and the results I’m seeing. I highly recommend you give this strategic Facebook tool a try.

The power of Facebook Power Editor is undeniable. Not only is it cost effective and easy to use, it produces the best results. But the world of Facebook is huge and sprawling, and it’s hard to navigate if you don’t know what you’re doing.

For a clear, comprehensive guide to advertising on Facebook, check out our free eBook, A Step-by-Step Guide to Leveraging Facebook Ads for Automotive Dealers. It’s full of great tips for creating, targeting, and testing successful Facebook ads for auto dealers. 


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