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[Roundup] Who’s Tired of Bill?

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In today’s edition of the 9 Clouds Monthly Roundup, we’re going to start with Bill.

Bill found an annoying link on the Internet. He decided to use it to annoy all of his Facebook friends. Don’t be like Bill.

In the Information Age, something that is funny at first can become tiresome. VERY. QUICKLY. Remember the dress?

If you have a Facebook account that you check regularly, you’ve probably seen “Bill” cartoons take over your news feed like a parasitic infection. If you find these as annoying as we do, learn how to remove Bill from your news feed forever.


Now, read on for the top nine things we found on the Internet in January.

9 Clouds Monthly Roundup

1. Nobody likes trolls (Bilbo Baggins particularly despises them). But did you know that trolls are killing your landing pages? Sonia Simone of Copyblogger explains.

2. Inbound marketing is a lot like dating. If you try to get too personal too soon, you can send someone running in the other direction in a hurry. Lara Nour Eddine of HubSpot points to eight personalization tactics that are turning off your buyers.

3. Um, so this is kinda crazy. Nice work, Nissan. Your turn, other crossover dealers.

4. Do you like reading interesting articles? Need a panic button to hit when your boss walks up while you’re reading one of those interesting articles? Nathan McAlone of Business Insider shows us 13 Google Chrome hacks that will change your daily Internet habits.

5. Want to be a LinkedIn unicorn in a sea of donkeys? That sounds weird…but we can explain. Well, Moz’s Larry Kim can, anyway.


6. YouTube is what all the kids are using today, especially with the newly released YouTube Red. How would you like to easily track your YouTube analytics? Jennifer Beese explains in this handy guide.

7. Without analytics, your Facebook audience is simply a mass of random users who are following your page for what could be a variety of reasons. If you’d like to pare that down, read Jon Loomer’s article about Facebook’s new Audience Optimization feature.

8. Inbound marketing, which we practice here at 9 Clouds, is changing automotive marketing. Read our take on how the change is affecting dealer practices.

9. Until December, if you wanted to live-stream your Facebook page, you couldn’t do it (unless your name was, for example, Lil Wayne). Now, any brand or corporation with a verified page can stream away, writes Matthew Ingram of Fortune.

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