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[whitepaper] 4 Ways Marketers Can Use Facebook Graph Search


It’s happening. Facebook is changing again.

It’s true. As society groans at a new interface change, this Facebook change is truly the greatest shake-up since the creation of business pages. As marketers, now is the time to learn how to take advantage of the new Facebook Graph Search so you can be ahead of the game and make your business more visible on Facebook and online in general.

Facebook Graph Search for Marketers

facebook-graph-searchTo help you out, we’ve created a Facebook Graph Search whitepaper walking through the most important changes. This free whitepaper walks through the 4 Ways Marketers Can Use Facebook Graph Search and provides:

  • Examples on how Graph Search functions and how it changes your visibility online
  • Tutorials on optimizing your business on Facebook
  • Screenshots to help you easily make changes now so you are ahead of the competition
  • Strategies behind the tips so you can apply the lessons to your industry

Plus learn how you can request and access Facebook Graph Search for yourself!

We’re really excited about this whitepaper and know that you’ll like it. With a few minutes of learning about Facebook Graph Search,  you will be an expert, ready for yet another change from Facebook.
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