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What Inbound Marketers Are Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from 9 Clouds

Your digital homesteaders at 9 Clouds have much to be thankful for. We’re thankful for dogs, soup, standing desks, our new office, and company retreats to name a few.

Besides that, there are many marketing and content trends we’re grateful to see flourish. In the digital world, it seems each year brings new tools and research to us. That’s why we compiled a list of what inbound marketers are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

We’re Thankful for Content Marketing.

Content marketing has surely grown throughout 2015 and will continue to flourish. By 2016, 60% of companies will have an executive who is directly responsible for an overall content marketing strategy. And, the top three things that make content effective are audience relevance (58%), engaging and compelling storytelling (57%), and triggers a response/action (54%).

We live and breathe content marketing at 9 Clouds.

As inbound marketers, we’re thankful for the best free digital marketing tools and a stellar content marketing strategy. We believe content marketing draws attention from customers by building trust with helpful information. It’s all about attracting a community of leads and converting them through education.

We’re Thankful for Social Media.

Social media channels continued to evolve this year, giving advertisers and clients outlets to distribute content from a blog or otherwise. There are many channels to help you get your messages heard and create awareness for your brand. The top two social media channels – Twitter and Facebook – experienced the most changes this year.

Recently, we saw polls become integrated directly into Twitter. Twitter Polls are the latest in a series of changes the social network has undergone. Other changes include Twitter Lead Generation Cards, the news that 140-character limit would be ditched, and that ‘favorites’ is now replaced by ‘likes’.

Facebook launched Business Manager, benefiting advertisers who share multiple Pages and ad accounts. Business Manager also integrates Instagram ads with Facebook ads. The Audience Insights tool on Facebook has an immense about of data, giving you more options to tailor your messages towards the right audience at the right time.

We’re Thankful for SEO and Analytics.

We’re thankful for businesses recognizing the need for ranking their target keywords and tapping into the potential of online audiences with digital marketing strategies. The primary challenge for us in the marketing world has always been to get in front of the right people with the right message.

We all want to provide a positive customer experience. With the help of analytics, we can understand the behavior of our online customers and narrow down to the specific individuals who express interest in a product or service.

One of our most used tools for search engine optimization and performance monitoring was the Google Search Queries Report. By studying analytics, we may quantify our online efforts and improve as we learn more. In fact, marketers have always used past performance to create strategies for new projects. Today, we call it predictive marketing.

And Finally, We’re Thankful for You!

Thank you to our partners, clients, subscribers, readers, friends, and family members! We love your support and value your feedback. As 9 Clouds continues to grow, we want you to know how much we appreciate your interest and help.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we went around the table and had our teammates say what they’re thankful for this year. Here’s how our fellow digital homesteaders answered.

I’m Thankful for…

“good coffee, craft beer, and 80 mph Interstate speed limits” – Allen Day

“kind people and mashed potatoes” – Rachel Speiser

“Ron Swanson, giphys and my new library card” – Ryan Woodard

“my family and my awesome co-workers” – John Nelson

“my family, my friends, my amazing job, and this video – Jenny Alvarez

“good health, family, friends, and a job I really enjoy coming to work at every day” – Sarah Carnes

“for getting married, and coworkers who allow me to take a whole week and a half off to do so.”  – Sarah (Schock) Klongerbo

“five girls in four years!” – Scott Meyer