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Welcome to the New 9 Clouds Blog

New 9 Clouds Blog

Hello, and welcome to the new 9 Clouds blog!

If you've been here before, you're probably scratching your head and thinking, Wait. What's so “new” about it?

(Well, you're probably not actually scratching your head. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do that, in fact. Why do we still use this befuddling phrase?)

Although we haven't made major changes to our blog's appearance, we have made some important updates behind the scenes. Since some of these updates will affect you, our readers, we want to share them with you.

Here's what's new about the 9 Clouds blog.

Integrated Content

The new blog integrates the same great content from both of our “old” blogs.

Before you lift your hand to scratch your head again, let me clarify. If you weren't aware, 9 Clouds previously managed two different websites: one about our general inbound marketing services, and one about our specific automotive marketing services. Each site had its own blog and Twitter account to ensure the content was kept separate.

But as time went on, we started to ask ourselves: Is managing two independent websites worth it? Does that even reflect who we are as a company?

In a word: no.

9 Clouds is one company. And while we may trend more toward the auto marketing side of things, we offer digital marketing services for all industries. It didn't make sense — either logically or logistically — to maintain two different identities online. Plus, it was confusing for readers who overlapped both sites.

So after several months of a mini-identity crisis, we decided to embrace the multifaceted company we are, and merge the two sites (and Twitter accounts).

That said, you will now start seeing integrated content on our new 9 Clouds blog. About half our articles will be about our typical marketing and community topics, and the other half will be geared primarily toward our automotive audience.

But whether you're an auto dealer or just someone who wants to learn about digital marketing, I encourage you to explore both types of content. There are golden nuggets of wisdom for all readers in all our content. (Cocky? Maybe. But we do have some really rad writers here.)

If you do want to segregate the type of content you read, we've made it easy on you.

At the top of our blog, we've put three big buttons: Marketing, Automotive, and Community. Every post we write will be listed under one of these three categories. If you want to segment your topic even further, you can click the All Categories dropdown on the right to find virtually any subject related to inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing blog

All this was done to make the process of blog reading — and website surfing in general — more convenient for you as a reader. We hope it does!

Backstage Stuff

The integrated blog content is the biggest change we've made, but we're also making a few tweaks on the back end.

Since most of those tweaks are tedious internal stuff, I won't bore you with them here. I will say, though, that we've established new systems and guidelines in order to give the blog a more consistent, cohesive feel.

(I guess I'd better mention that as part of that “tedious internal stuff,” we now have one blog editor, rather than many: me! I love editing — I've been known to get into heated debates about the Oxford comma — so I'm pretty stoked about my new role.)

9 Clouds has come a long way from where we started in 2009. We're growing as a company, both in knowledge and in numbers, and we feel it's important to emulate that progress in our blog.

So please, join us. We may be the ones writing, but we want our blog to be a community of both writers and readers — auto dealers and everyone else — all of us engaging in one good, long conversation.

Let's start the discussion. Head on over to the new 9 Clouds blog!