[Webinar] Align Sales and Marketing Teams with Marketing Automation

[Webinar] Align Sales and Marketing Teams with Marketing Automation

There’s a mountain of digital information available in every dealership’s CRM, but often, only tiny bits and pieces are used strategically.

In this marketing automation webinar recording, we discuss how auto and RV dealers can use all the data available to you to better serve your customers.

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Learn How to Be Strategic with Your Dealership’s Data

In this webinar, 9 Clouds’ sales manager Matthew Stoffel and account manager Jaden Miller will discuss how to connect your sales and marketing departments and improve both with automation. The conversation includes:

  • The benefits of connecting your customer relationship management (CRM) system with lead tracking software
  • How lead tracking helps align your sales and marketing teams
  • Tips for using your CRM data to its full potential
  • How to best use historical and real-time data to qualify new leads

Although this webinar is now over, you can download the recording here →

Before You Attend…

You may find it helpful to download our recent eBook, Lead Tracking for Auto Dealers. That way, you’ll be somewhat familiar with the topic and can be prepared to ask us any questions you may have.

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