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[Webinar Series] Google Analytics for Auto Dealers

Automotive Analytics | 9 Clouds Webinar Series

Data is at the foundation of your marketing strategy.

Whether you're focused on traditional or digital marketing, website analytics are your key to understanding success — and the tool you need to understand how to grow your business.

The challenge we all face? There's so much data. 

In this three-part webinar series, Scott Meyer of 9 Clouds will explain Google Analytics from beginner reports to advanced insights. While this series will use examples in the automotive industry, the lessons can be applied to any business.

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Automotive Analytics Webinar Sessions

June 7: Launch Google Analytics (Beginner)

During this first session, you will learn how to properly set up and use Google Analytics so that you have the data and insight you need to measure success.

We will cover:

  • What Google Analytics is and why it matters
  • Why you should use Google Analytics instead of relying on your web provider's analytics
  • How to launch Google Analytics for your site
  • How to add users and collaborate between team members
  • Where to start if you are an auto dealer

This session is perfect for beginners or marketers who want to ensure that everything is set up correctly and consistently.


June 9: Analytics Goals & Key Performance Indicators (Intermediate)

In this second session, you will learn how to create Google Analytics goals and identify the most important data points for any auto dealer.

We will cover:

  • What Google Analytics goals are and why you should use them
  • How to set up goals to measure the most important online activities
  • How to create goals for actions off your website
  • How to connect Google Analytics to AdWords and Search Console
  • How to measure SEO within Google Analytics
  • How to remarket using Google Analytics
  • The most valuable online activities beyond simple VDP views

This session is perfect for managers who need to ask tough questions and marketers who need to answer tough questions.


June 14: Reporting & ROI (Advanced)

In this third and final session, you will learn how to turn Google Analytics into a personal reporting tool.

Surveys show that checking your analytics more than twice a week increase the ROI and success of your dealership. In this session, learn how to easily add analytics into your weekly routine.

We will cover:

  • How to set up and use custom dashboards
  • How to email reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • The benchmarks and data dealers should expect
  • How to know if your digital marketing, SEO, and traditional marketing are working in bringing you the right customers

Whether you manager marketers or do the marketing yourself, this third session will help you save time and keep an eye on your ROI.


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