[Webinar] Plan and Budget for Your Dealership’s 2020 Marketing Strategy

[Webinar] Plan and Budget for Your Dealership’s 2020 Marketing Strategy

In this on-demand webinar, we outlined how to craft a clear, prioritized marketing strategy to get you the best return on ad spend possible. Watch the webinar here!

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What You’ll Learn

In this automotive webinar, we walked through the main steps to crafting a smart marketing budget for 2020, including how to:

  1. Analyze your results from 2019: What worked? What didn’t? Why? (Find out by comparing your results to the 2019 marketing benchmarks for the auto industry.)
  2. Evaluate your current vendors: Which partners are giving you the best — or worst — return on investment? Should you explore other options? (Learn which questions to ask your agency by watching our on-demand webinar.)
  3. Set specific goals for your sales funnel: Which parts are the strongest? Which are the weakest? How can you use data to improve your conversions? (Discover how to convert more leads to sales in our free eBook.)

By the time you’re done watching this webinar, you’ll be armed with an actual formula you can use to strengthen your sales funnel.

Who Should Watch?

If you’re involved in your dealership’s marketing plan at all, you’ll want to watch this webinar:

Whatever your role, you need to be prepared for conversations around budget and strategy recommendations for 2020. Our webinar hosts — 9 Clouds’ outreach manager Matthew Stoffel and account management director Jenny Lockhart — will help you get there!

Save Your Spot!

2020 is your year.

Your year to not just “stay the course,” but really take your dealership to the next level. You can only do that by improving your sales — and you can only do that by improving your marketing.

View our webinar to craft a budget that will help you do just that.

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