[Webinar] Big Facebook Changes: Navigating New Targeting Restrictions and More

[Webinar] Big Facebook Changes: Navigating New Targeting Restrictions and More

If you run Facebook ads related to housing, employment, or credit (we’re looking at you, auto dealers!), we need to talk.

During our webinar, we discussed how digital marketers can overcome upcoming Facebook targeting changes. We also recapped other updates to Facebook and discussed how they will affect your digital marketing strategy going forward.

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Succeed at Navigating Major Facebook Updates

Facebook made some pretty big changes to targeting capabilities in light of a discrimination settlement this spring. While the change is great for consumers, it’s causing some nervous feelings among digital marketers. 

During the webinar, 9 Clouds’ sales manager Matthew Stoffel and creative director John Nelson discussed why this targeting change is happening, how it will affect your business, and what to do next in order to keep qualified leads visiting your website. 

Before You Watch…

Before you watch the webinar, we suggest reading this blog post for more context as to why this Facebook targeting change is happening.

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Watch this webinar recording to gain insight into all of the latest Facebook changes!

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