[Webinar] Climbing Beyond Auto Marketing Benchmarks with ROAS

[Webinar] Climbing Beyond Auto Marketing Benchmarks with ROAS

Unless you are way behind, you’ve already checked out our Performance Benchmarks for Auto Dealers. Maybe you’ve even used our Automotive Marketing Grader tool.

Now, how do you reach higher on measuring your dealership’s digital marketing performance? I’ll be covering that and much more throughout our on-demand webinar: Outperform Automotive Marketing Benchmarks with Multi-Touch Attribution.

Climbing the Stairs of Good Analysis

Speaking broadly, there are four tiers for of measuring digital marketing for an auto dealer. The first tier is shrugging your shoulders and saying, “Hey, we’re selling stuff. Must be working.”

In the second tier, you’re measuring stuff. You’re checking reports, and maybe even putting numbers in a spreadsheet somewhere. But who knows what it all means, right?

That’s the third tier, of course: measuring the right stuff that’s available to you with your marketing strategy. Our benchmarks report can help you do that, and I’ll walk through some main things to get you to this tier featured in the webinar.

But then I’ll be talking about how to hit that fourth tier, the professional level. That’s where you’re measuring all the things you’re doing in a consistent way, with one metric that has the ability to pull every one of your marketing efforts into focus: return on advertising spend (ROAS).

“Return on advertising spend (ROAS) is the amount of revenue a specific marketing effort generates compared to the amount invested in that effort.” And if you download our webinar, we’ll talk about the doors that’ll swing open for your marketing performance and your sales numbers when you hit this level of attribution reporting.

Download the Webinar Here

Click here for free access to this on-demand webinar so you don’t miss out when we talk through:

  • How our auto dealer marketing benchmarks report compares internal metrics to industry standards for the automotive industry.
  • Using LeadsRx attribution data and insights to take benchmark reporting to the next level.
  • Reviewing best practices for auto dealer Facebook advertising, Google advertising, SEO, and email marketing.