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[Webinar] Conquesting with Facebook Ads

We're hosting a webinar on Thursday: Facebook Ads for Automotive Dealers. Register for free.

You already know Facebook is great for social sharing, but Facebook is the best conquest tool available to auto dealers.

You can use it to talk directly to potential customers based on what vehicle they drive, even if you have never worked with them. This deep resevoir of data is thanks to the integration of Polk data into Facebook. That means you can combine all the social information of a person with their vehicle data and perfectly target ads to bring them into your store.

In the webinar, we'll help you do just that. We will go from beginner to advanced concepts and cover how to:

  • Set-up and create ads
  • Target and conquest based on the exact vehicle the potential customer owns
  • Create custom ad recipients based on an email list (such as your previous service customers)
  • Cut ad costs and increase click through rates

We will send out a recording of the webinar to all registrants, so register even if you can't make it at 1:30pm CST on Thursday afternoon.

I look forward to sharing some Facebook Ad tips with you on the webinar.

Register for the Webinar

Want more information about how auto dealers can use Facebook ads? Check out our free Facebook Ads ebook.