[Download] SEO Metrics Now in Our 2019 Performance Benchmarks

[Download] SEO Metrics Now in Our 2019 Performance Benchmarks

Throughout the last year, our 9 Clouds team has diligently worked to gather real data from real dealerships.

Earlier in 2019, we released our 2019 Performance Benchmarks Report, but it was missing one key section: search engine optimization (SEO) benchmarks.

To be honest, SEO is like wrangling cats. Google tells you to work with these few cats metrics, you get them in a good (fenced-in) place, and then Google opens a side gate, lets a few out, or tells you to go after different cats. 

We want to make sure we are looking at the best metrics we can — which are metrics over which we can control the success or failure.

Really, with so much data available, SEO can get overwhelming for even our knowledgeable team.

So instead of focusing on a few small metrics, our SEO team documented everything. We worked with 15 automotive clients and pulled dozens of touch points every month. There were so many touch points, our spreadsheet columns in the double letters.

After six months of pulling data, and backlogging data before that, we strategized and synthesized the information to find which key metrics dealerships should look at in their own reports.

We get it — you are probably wrangling several cats at your dealership. 9 Clouds broke the data down and is sharing the top-level stats to look for, so you can get back to selling cats, er . . . we mean cars.


What’s in This Benchmark Report?

In the latest version of the 2019 Performance Benchmarks Report, we added our carefully developed SEO benchmarks and the insight into why we pulled those metrics.

The report also includes our original metrics for other digital marketing services we offer, including:

Even if you’ve already downloaded the original version of the 2019 Performance Benchmarks Report, you’ll want to get this update, too. The SEO section will add another level of insight to your digital marketing analysis.

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