[Report] Download the New 2020 Performance Benchmarks for Automotive Digital Marketing

[Report] Download the New 2020 Performance Benchmarks for Automotive Digital Marketing

How is your dealership marketing really doing?

Throughout the last two years, the 9 Clouds team has worked diligently to gather real data from real dealerships. In 2019, we debuted our Performance Benchmarks Report for Automotive Digital Marketing to the world.

We’ve now pulled together fresh data to update the report with the new 2020 metrics your auto dealership can use to grade your digital marketing.

Before we started this project, we realized there were very few automotive-specific benchmarks for dealers working on their websites, sending emails, or advertising online.

Since every industry is different, it’s best for your car dealership to focus specifically on what works best for car dealerships, not the general digital marketing population.

We want to make sure you are focusing the best metrics for your store. Thus, the Performance Benchmarks Report was produced.


What’s in the Benchmarks Report?

There are so many marketing statistics you could be looking at. But which ones work best?

In this updated version of the 2020 Performance Benchmarks Report, we’ve included the latest statistics your dealership should focus on.

The report includes our updated metrics for several digital marketing services we offer, including:

Even if you’ve already downloaded the original version of the Performance Benchmarks Report, you’ll want to get this update and see how your automotive digital marketing efforts compare to other real-life dealerships throughout the country.

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