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Two is Better than One – How 9 Clouds Works with FordDirect

One of the most common questions we get when talking to potential partners is “do you work with [INSERT TOOL]?” Auto dealerships have lots of tools to manage and all should be managed strategically especially if they require a financial investment.

For Ford dealers, FordDirect is an important tool. The answer to “do you work with FordDirect?” is ‘yes’. Find out how we work together in this post.

According to their website, “FordDirect provides digital marketing and advertising solutions to Ford and Lincoln dealers, giving them the platform to drive more sales. With a foundation built by Ford Motor Company and its franchise dealers, and being the only joint venture of its kind, FordDirect understands the automotive and dealer business.” Services from FordDirect include Marketing Solutions, Website, Leads, eTools and Ford Dealers Advertising Fund (FDAF) Services. With our Ford clients, we have worked with products in almost all these categories. The next sections give a few examples.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising falls under Marketing Solutions and is often leveraged by Ford dealers. At 9 Clouds, we also provide digital advertising as part of our services. We work with our clients’ Ford Direct contacts to make sure our ads are not competing against each other. Depending on the budgets, we split the times of the day up so Ford Direct ads and 9 Clouds ads run at different times making the most of your advertising budget.


Co-op reimbursement is critical for Ford dealers so having a FordDirect website is usually an important part of a dealership’s co-op strategy. Our marketing automation software integrates seamlessly on a FordDirect website and helps make the most of that website investment. We also work with FordDirect to make sure the site’s SEO is up to snuff. SEO is a constant moving target so at 9 Clouds, we help make sure your site keeps hitting the mark.

Social Media and Reputation Management

Social media and reputation management is another product that is part of Marketing Solutions. The social media provided by FordDirect is focused on the current national campaign. This content helps connect the national campaign to your store. At 9 Clouds we believe the more content the merrier and we’re happy to integrate with FordDirect’s content. We create content that is more localized and the FordDirect content has a more national brand focus.

Why FordDirect and 9 Clouds?

The final sentence in that last paragraph answers this question. While FordDirect knows Ford and is great at Ford content, 9 Clouds is focused on what is going on at your dealership locally. Yes, a local dealership is often leveraging national campaigns but there are things happening on the ground that FordDirect cannot help you leverage including dealership specific events, employee achievements and community events.

Also, drinking from a firehose is difficult. 9 Clouds helps our partners sort through all the digital marketing tactics that are out there and figure out what is best for their particular dealership. Although we all want to do it all, we cannot. We help our clients figure out what their most important objectives are and match their digital marketing efforts to those objectives.

Two is Better than One

Ford dealers are lucky to have such a robust resource in FordDirect. They stay up to date with what is going on in the industry and help to present a consistent Ford brand and image. At 9 Clouds we’re happy to work with FordDirect to help our clients leverage the services that are right for them and build upon them. We also help our clients take those same strategies that FordDirect is using nationally and bring them to a local level.

If you’re a Ford dealer and interested in getting the most out of your FordDirect digital marketing, feel free to contact us to discuss your current strategies. If you are just interested in learning more, feel free to subscribe to our blog (submit the short form that pops up at the bottom) or download one of our free digital resources for auto.

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Photo: Vicky Frank