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Top 9 Auto Marketing Posts from 2015

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2015 was a busy year for automotive marketing. As we went through the files to see which posts were most popular, we discovered that social media and lead tracking are trending topics amongst you auto dealers. That's good — because both are extremely important in the ever-changing automotive marketing industry. 

The Top 9 Posts for 9 Clouds Auto

We discussed every automotive marketing trend you can think of on the 9 Clouds Auto Blog in 2015, from lead tracking to Facebook advertising to marketing automation. We even delved into Marty McFly and Nicolas Cage. Some posts caught your attention more than others. Here are the nine most-read posts from the 9 Clouds Auto Blog in 2015.

  1. How to Find the Best Hashtags for Car Dealers — #Hashtags #are #popular. If you are a social media devotee, you've seen them everywhere. Our most popular post of 2015 tells you which hashtags are best for your dealership.
  2. Is Your Dealership Doing These 3 Things on Instagram? — Speaking of #hashtags, our second most popular blog post tells you how to succeed in the hashtag mecca Instagram.
  3. Top Service Keywords for Auto Dealers — SEO (search engine optimization) plays an integral role in automotive marketing. Here we dive into some interesting details. What are the best service keywords for auto dealers?
  4. Five Ideas for Great Automotive Carousel Ads on Facebook — Facebook is the king of social media. With advanced targeting options, a massive worldwide audience and the statistics to back it up, it's quickly becoming the key to advertising, too. In our experience, carousel ads are the most effective method of Facebook advertising for car dealers.
  5. Eight Apps to Help Your Dealership Dominate Instagram — Instagram makes the list for the second time. A multitude of apps that will help your dealership dominate Instagram. Here are eight of them.
  6. How to Calculate Cost Per Digital Lead — Many companies embark upon elaborate advertising and marketing campaigns without taking into consideration a few key measurements. How much is each digital lead costing your business? Find out by reading this post.
  7. Stop Shouting: A Closer Look at Marketing Automation VS. Email Blasts — Again, we look at tracking leads and results as opposed to shotgunning content across the internet without measuring. How do you execute a successful marketing automation campaign versus simply sending mass emails?
  8. What is Lead Tracking for Auto Dealership Marketing? — Leads were a popular topic this year. That makes sense because tracking leads are perhaps the most important thing you can do as a car dealership or other business.
  9. Automotive Digital Marketing Trend 2: Cross-Channel Personalization — Cross-channel personalization is all about using personalization throughout multiple platforms. If you want to know how to do it — and you should, because it keeps customers aware and engaged — read this post.

Thanks for Making 2015 Great

The automotive marketing world is more than blasts, deals, and spammy messages. At 9 Clouds, we are working to transform automotive marketing into an inbound, helpful industry that builds trust and connections.

In the new year, look for more posts on marketing automation, inbound marketing, sales, and strategy. We want you to join this marketing revolution!

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