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Top 9 Posts from the 9 Clouds Blog in 2016

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The year 2016 is done (almost).

Before we let this year come to a close, we suggest you reflect on how the last 365 days went and give yourself an annual review — especially if you plan on setting big goals for the new year.

In 2017, we plan to take on many new clients and expand our team, so we’re reviewing our past successes to help us learn, plan, and grow.

Some posts from the 9 Clouds blog caught your attention more than others. Let’s take some time now to look back and sift through the posts that did particularly well!

The Top 9 Blog Posts for 9 Clouds in 2016

Here are the top nine most-read posts from our blog in 2016.

9. Inbound Is Changing Automotive Marketing

Automotive Inbound Marketing

Our automotive marketing business is based on an inbound marketing philosophy — because inbound works.

If you haven’t yet embraced the inbound methodology, check out this post to get started!

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8. What’s Better: Above-Average Team Or SuperStar?

Link Networks

A strong-link network is when a few great people matter most. A weak-link network is when an above-average group matters most.

Which network works best? Uncover the answer in this post.

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7. 5 Key Qualities Of A Rockin’ Creative Content Specialist At 9 Clouds

Creative Content Specialist

We “creative content specialists” wear many hats. If you’re thinking about donning some of those hats yourself, first you might want to see if they fit.

Here are the five key qualities you need to be a creative content specialist at 9 Clouds.

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6. How To Sell New And Used Cars On Instagram For Auto Dealers

Instagram advertising for auto dealers

Instagram is one of the best mediums an auto dealer can use to share visuals of vehicles. This social network is on every advertiser’s mind.

Here are three strategies auto dealers can employ to sell new and used cars on Instagram.

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5. How To Set A Budget For Facebook Ads

How To Set Facebook Ad Budget

Whether you are a seasoned marketer or brand-new to the industry, creating digital advertising budgets can feel like a guessing game.

Take a walk through budgeting for Facebook ads in this post.

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4. 14 Slack Hacks Every Slacker Should Know

Slack Tips

Slack is a hot messaging app that somehow makes work communication fun.

We've become pretty fluent in the language of Slack. Here are the top 14 ways we love to use it. 

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3. Auto Dealers: Here’s How To Target Facebook Ads

Facebook ad targeting for auto

Facebook advertising makes selling cars as easy as selling water at a marathon. But you must target your Facebook ads to the right customers. Find out how! 

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2. 10 Ways Evernote Can Improve Your Digital Marketing

Evernote tips

Evernote is an incredibly versatile service that can help you improve your digital marketing. Here are ten ways Evernote can make you a better marketer.

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1. Google Inbox vs. Regular Gmail: Which One Wins?

Gmail vs Google Inbox

There’s a war going on between Google and Google.

The tech giant has two different email services fighting for users’ attention: Gmail and Google Inbox. Which one is the winner? Find out!

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Looking Ahead to 2017 at 9 Clouds

From all of us at 9 Clouds, we thank you for taking an interest in our content. We will work even harder in 2017 to bring you the information you need most.

Make sure to subscribe to our blog in 2017 for more of the latest digital marketing trends, techniques, and insights.