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Top 5 Auto Marketing Blogs

Finding quality auto marketing information is not easy. With technology moving a million miles a minute, the auto marketing industry is constantly evolving and so must dealerships and their agencies. Unfortunately, there are few worthwhile auto marketing resources, especially for an industry that is going through a digital marketing overhaul.

The top indicators of quality blogs are timeliness and relevance. Marketing blogs are a dime a dozen but auto marketing blogs are few and far between. A quality blog also posts frequently. Looking at blog posts from 2014 has little value today since the marketing landscape changes so quickly.

Two of our favorite auto agency blogs are from Mudd and Naked Lime. Like 9 Clouds, they post frequently and their content is easy to understand for both Sales and Marketing.

1. Mudd


Mudd blog posts are short and sweet making them easy reads if you are low on time. They also have several video blog posts if you prefer to listen to content rather than read.

2. Naked Lime


Naked Lime does a great job of leveraging marketing news and tailoring it for the auto world.

Our other three top blogs are more broad, and are first and foremost auto marketing publications (rather than agencies). Automotive Digital Marketing, Dealer Marketing, and Driving Sales all offer resourceful content.

3. Automotive Digital Marketing


This site can be overwhelming with all the data it posts so we suggest going straight to the leaderboards and reading the weekly Top 20 Blog Posts.

4. Dealer Marketing


Less of a blog and more of a news site, Dealer Marketing has a lot of content. From social media to CRM, there is a lot to learn. *They are partners with Automotive Digital Marketing

5. Driving Sales


Ignoring the fact that content only takes up one-third of the page, they post some valuable, in-depth articles.

We started our auto marketing blog in July 2013 and have yet to find any outstanding resources. Instead, most of our articles are sourced from our own experiments and applying general marketing trends to the auto industry.

The five blogs listed above are a great start to advancing the auto marketing industry but there is a lot of room for growth. Is your dealership or agency doing something awesome for marketing? Write about it! We would love to hear your insight.

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