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Top 3 Keywords for Nissan Dealerships

You know that ranking high on Google is essential for your Nissan dealership, but do you know how to get there?

In this post, we'll show you how to beat out the competition and climb your way to the top of a Google results page by using the three most important keywords for Nissan dealers.

And the Winners Are…

The first highest search term for Nissan is “Nissan GTR,” with 201,000 searches each month on average. On its tail is “Nissan Rogue” (with 165,000 monthly searches), and close behind is “Nissan Altima” (with 135,000).

Nissan-KeywordsAs a Nissan dealership, you already know which models are most popular on the lot. But just as important is knowing which ones are most popular on the Web. Build your site for the best SEO by incorporating the highest-searched models (the GT-R, the Rogue, and the Altima) throughout your website.

That said, don't waste your time with keywords that aren't relevant to you. If you don't sell the GT-R, don't focus on it. Opt instead for the next highest-searched model that you actually offer.

And here's an important SEO tip you'll want to note: your customers are not necessarily searching the correct terms. You know the sports car is spelled “GT-R,” but people are really typing “GTR” into Google. Bite the bullet and optimize your site for what your customers are actually searching, not what you want them to search.

How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Dealership

Now that you know the top three keywords for Nissan, you'll want to dig deeper to find the best keywords for your particular dealership. Here's how:

Use Google Keywords Planner to Find Local Keywords

If you want an easy way to get keyword ideas and predict how they might perform, Google Keywords Planner will be your best friend.

Access it by signing into your Google AdWords account (which you can create for free using your existing Google account, if you don't already have AdWords) and selecting “Keywords Planner” from the “Tools” dropdown menu.

Start searching for Nissan keywords by typing them into the box labeled “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.” Customize your search as much as you'd like, but be sure to at least narrow your search to target the United States.


Next, click on the “Keyword ideas” tab and analyze your results. Play around with the Keyword Planner to sort by relevance, monthly searches, competition, and more.


Narrow Your Focus and Refine It Regularly

Depending on how broad your keyword is, you'll probably have to narrow it to something more specific. The best way to do this is to localize it for your region.

Instead of pitting your dealership against countless others across the country, compete locally for a more obtainable keyword, like “Nissan Rogue Madison WI.” When you do, you'll notice that your search volume is lower, but so is your competition.

And that's a good thing–it's far easier to rank for a term with low search volume and low competition than a term with high search volume and high competition. So start small. As you start to succeed on Google, you can target more difficult keywords.


To get the most out of the Keyword Planner, use it often, trying different tactics periodically. Brainstorm other search terms with potential, and experiment with them to reach different audiences. Like anything SEO-related, keyword choice is really all about trial and error.

Getting Started

Your starting point on this project will depend on what type of software you use for automotive digital marketing.

If your software has a keyword searching tool, use that first. If it doesn't, cue up the Google Keywords Planner and start exploring all the features it offers. This article can show you how.

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Image: MIKI Yoshihito