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Top 3 Cadillac Keywords

There once was a time when someone in the market for a new Cadillac would start his or her search by visiting dealerships. Purchases were largely influenced by word of mouth and pamphlets. However, times have changed and consumers have taken it into their own hands to do most of their research before ever entering a dealership. So how does a Cadillac dealership influence prospective buyers if they aren't walking through the show room door?

It all begins with quality keywords.

Top 3 Keywords for Cadillac

Good keywords and solid SEO can boost both luxury and non-luxury brands alike, but first you need to identify what your audience is searching. To find the highest quality keywords for your Cadillac dealership, we suggest using Google Keyword Planner.

Start off simple by searching the basic overall brand. Below, you can see the top monthly searched Cadillac keywords and how difficult it is to rank for each keyword.


The top three monthly Cadillac keywords searched are:

1. Cadillac CTS
2. Cadillac Escalade
3. Cadillac SRX

However, the competition is high for these three keywords, so you'll want to be more specific.

Personalizing Keywords

Beware of keywords with high competition. Everyone is trying to rank for these keywords, which means odds are your dealership will be buried underneath hundreds of results. Plus they usually tend to be too general to be effective.

Put yourself in your consumer's shoes. If you are searching for a new Cadillac CTS on Google, what would you type? The keyword “Cadillac CTS” casts a wide net, but it's far more likely consumers in your dealership's radius will search something along the lines of “Cadillac CTS in (city)” or “Cadillacs for sale in (city).”

Further personalize your keywords using Google Planner's targeting feature. When searching a keyword, you can choose city, language, add monthly search filters, and even exclude keywords you don't want to show up. Play around with this tool and visit back every few months to see if anything new is trending.

Putting Keywords Into Action

Now that you have a quality list of Cadillac keywords, go ahead and put them to work. Make sure to use them in relevant blog posts, landing pages, website pages, URLs, and meta data. Google will crawl this information and determine the usefulness of your content compared to your competitors. Just make sure you don't overuse them. Google's algorithm is programed to detect quality content and weed out useless pages littered with too many keywords.

There isn't a magic button to make sure your content will show on the first page of Google. Just remember to pay attention to keyword competition, trends, search numbers, and continue to incorporate them into your content. Your rank won't change overnight, but within two or three months, you'll begin to see results. 

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Photo: Michi1308