The Next 9 Years

The Next 9 Years

More than nine years ago, my brother John and I had the idea that we could teach people in our home state of South Dakota to use the Internet to grow their businesses and improve their communities. We created 9 Clouds to help.

After almost a decade of work, I’ve decided to move on from 9 Clouds to pursue new opportunities and find new ways to support digital literacy.

A Word of Thanks

I am humbled and grateful to the amazing team at 9 Clouds for embedding this vision of digital empowerment into our company culture. 9 Clouds is a trailblazer, bringing transparency and education to digital marketing.

The entire team at 9 Clouds works tirelessly to improve their own skills and provide unrivaled service to our clients. Most importantly, our team cares for one another and their communities.

While I will miss my time at 9 Clouds, I look forward to watching the company’s work and to collaborating with them as they set the course for the next nine years under the skilled leadership of Sarah Carnes.

A Word on the Future

I still believe in the importance of technology to connect and empower individuals. I will continue to share my latest work on my personal site and would be happy to connect with you there.

It is said that we overestimate what we can accomplish in a year and underestimate what we can accomplish in five years. 9 Clouds is a perfect example. I have learned from this company that if you create a vision; surround yourself with talented, caring colleagues; and share your knowledge with your community, you have a recipe for success. The world needs you — your skills, your ideas, your passion. Just start.

Exciting ideas turn into inspiring companies and inspired communities. While goodbyes are difficult, I could not be prouder of what 9 Clouds has created — and will continue to create. Thank you for joining us on this journey.