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Team Building and New Office Initiation – Top 7 Takeaways from Inaugural Hackathon

Hackathon 2

I mentioned in my last post on the Innovation Expo that we held our first company Hackathon. We got the idea from Google. During a Hackathon, the company takes a break from client work for an allotted amount of time to work on something new; something they have always wanted to work on.

For the purposes of our Hackathon, the task was to develop an app that solves a problem in 25 hours. We broke up into four teams of three and got hacking. We had a ton of fun and ended up with some pretty cool app ideas!

Here are the top 7 takeaways from the inaugural 9 Clouds Hackathon:

7. Website developers cannot operate analog thermostats. We’re still figuring out the heat in the new office.

6. Snacks help idea development i.e. Doritos, pizza and Red Bull.

5. Competitiveness is not lacking in our organization.

4. The best ideas can come when you least expect it.

3. A lot can get done in 25 hours.

2. We know how to leverage our skills. Teams with designers had great design. Teams with developers had a functioning product.

1. We have an awesome team!