Subscribe to These 5 Newsletters for Digital Marketing Inspiration

Subscribe to These 5 Newsletters for Digital Marketing Inspiration

They say if you want to write better, you should read more.

So if you want to write better marketing newsletters, you should read more marketing newsletters.

Good ones, that is. After all, our inboxes are dumped upon every day with dozens (or even hundreds) of emails. For us to subscribe to yet another newsletter, it’s got to be worth our time.

Below are the top five marketing newsletters I love to read — the ones that inspire me, challenge me, bring a smile to my face. Whether it’s the facts, layout, or inspiration inside, these newsletters educate and motivate me to be a better digital marketer.

I hope they’ll help you, too!

My 5 Favorite Marketing Email Newsletters

1. Really Good Emails

  • What to expect: A digest featuring real-world examples, interviews, and articles related to really good email marketing and design
  • How often to expect it: Once a week
  • Why I love it: Funny copywriting; share-worthy content from around the web

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2. Creative Caffeine

  • What to expect: A plain-text email from David Sherry, the L.A.-based founder of Death to Stock, on the life and work of a modern artist
  • How often to expect it: Every day or two (or more “occasionally,” if you prefer)
  • Why I love it: Inspiring, high-level musings on creativity; a surprisingly strong sense of community

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3. Think with Google

  • What to expect: Data-backed findings from Google, featuring a variety of renowned brands across all major industries
  • How often to expect it: Every few days
  • Why I love it: Short, easy-to-digest emails; memorable stats; helpful action items for digital marketers

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4. My Copyblogger

  • What to expect: A free membership to Copyblogger’s best resources on content marketing, including articles, eBooks, and a 20-part course on digital marketing
  • How often to expect it: Every day (at first), then whenever new content is published
  • Why I love it: Truly valuable content; minimalist, to-the-point emails

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5. Communication Arts Daily

  • What to expect: Daily inspiration on the latest design, advertising, and web products, plus a brief roundup of new, interesting articles and websites
  • How often to expect it: Every business day
  • Why I love it: Digestible, single-column layout; emphasis on visual communications

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And My #1 Digital Marketing Newsletter…

9 Clouds, of course!

I’d be a terrible digital marketer (and 9 Clouds content editor) if I didn’t take this opportunity to present our own newsletter.

Every other week, we send an inspirational email to our community of online marketers. Each email is thoughtfully written by a member of our team, with the sole purpose of helping you attract, educate, and convert customers using digital marketing best practices.

If you’re interested, we can also send you our monthly roundup of the latest 9 Clouds blog posts on marketing, community, and more.

Learn more and subscribe to the 9 Clouds newsletter here!

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