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[Study] 3 Perfect Ford Keywords for Automotive Digital Marketing

What are the top three keywords for Ford dealers looking to “Edge” out their competitors in the world of automotive digital marketing? We found them for you.

Finding popular keywords will help you find your customers. Think about your most recent conversation with a friend. You probably used certain words to describe common items or ideas.

Now think about your customers. Whether it's the make of a car or other related terms, car shoppers also speak their own language. Ranking in the top 10 Google search results for these terms could mean the difference between acquiring or losing a customer.

We've started this research for you by collecting three most important keywords for Ford dealers.

Don't Let Keywords “Escape” Your Automotive Digital Marketing Efforts

Increase your odds. Find terms that are highly searched, and you'll find your best lead opportunities. The two most highly searched Ford-related terms are Ford Fusion (246,000 average monthly searches), and Ford Escape (201,000). Tied for third with 135,000 are Ford Edge and Ford Focus. So how can you find this information and use it to improve your dealership's SEO and automotive digital marketing efforts?


Google Keywords Planner

Use Google Keywords Planner for Google Adwords (you can sign in and create a Google Adwords account using your Google account, if you don’t already have Adwords) to search for pertinent keywords. Enter keywords in the box labeled “search for new keyword and ad group ideas.” Target the United States, then click “get ideas,” which will take you to the screen below. Here, you can find search volumes and find ideas for related terms.


Finding the most highly searched terms is just the first step in your journey. You know Ford Fusion is the most popular Ford-related search term nationwide. Localize that keyword for your region. Instead of pitting your dealership against others across the U.S., compete locally for a search term like “Ford Focus in San Francisco.” Note the drastically lower search volume.


More Google Keywords Planner User Tips

High search volumes are good. High competition is bad. Notice the “competition” column above. Google calculates how many advertisers compete for each keyword. If the competition is “high,” your work is cut out for you. A word with low search volume and low competition is easier to rank for than a heavily searched term with high competition. Ideally, try to find high search volume and “low” competition. Customize the search to your city and state to stake out your regional competition.

Use the Keyword Planner regularly. Explore possibilities thoroughly. Think about other search terms with high potential. For example, “Ford Dealership” is the fourth highest ranked term, with 110,000 monthly searches. Every term has endless variables – experiment and find what works (“Ford Dealership in San Francisco,” “Ford Dealership near me,” etc.).

Getting Started

Your starting point on this project will depend on what type of software you use for automotive digital marketing.

Find out if your software has a keyword searching tool. If it doesn’t, cue up the Google Keywords Planner and search for pertinent keywords. 9 Clouds can walk you through your SEO learning adventure. Download our free e-book now to “Learn SEO from the Experts.”