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Setting Personal and Professional Goals for Workplace Happiness

We’ve all heard of the term “work-life balance.” Some of us are even fortunate enough to have employers who encourage it. But what exactly does that term mean and how does one achieve it?

It all starts by setting personal and professional goals.

That’s right. When it comes to office morale, having goals trumps your “hang in there” kitty poster any day. Before long, you probably won’t even need that poster. All you need to keep everyone happy is mutually established goals to strive for both at work and at home.

But don’t worry, we won’t fault you for keeping your kitty poster just because it’s so darn cute.

Goals Before Scratching Poles

Establishing goals with an employer helps keep employees accountable and drives them to achieve.

Turns out people are far more likely to take action and keep on track when they know there is someone around to hold them accountable. Meeting expectations creates a sense of accomplishment and pride, and when a person has a say in what those expectations are, the likelihood of success is even higher.

Professional goals are one thing, but you might wonder why we need to talk about personal goals at work, too. This is where work-life balance comes into play.

People are much happier at work when they feel good about their personal lives. Unfortunately, enjoyment often takes a backseat to obligations.

Instead of letting your love for reading fall by the wayside, set a goal to find more time to read — right alongside your goal to become more efficient with data entry. Not only will this help you stay accountable, it places priority on your happiness, which will increase your feeling of fulfillment at work.

Goals are important, but it’s important to be realistic. Create a few attainable goals and don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t achieve every single one. If you create multiple sets of short-term goals throughout the year, you will find that they are easier to reach and you will feel more accomplished.

Ready, Set, Goal!

If you are an employer, try implementing goals into your employee reviews. Make sure your employees help choose their own goals and perhaps include an incentive if they reach them.

If your workplace doesn’t implement goals, exchange with your co workers instead. It’s amazing what a little encouragement and sense of accountability can do.

Looking for more ways to improve your work-life balance? Head on over to our resources page for some free goodies, courtesy of 9 Clouds.



Photo: Kurt Faler