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WEBINAR – Seasonally Adjusted Analytics: Keeping Your Data on Track

Analytics are wonderful. They grant you access to a treasure trove of information that helps you measure your effectiveness online and modify or plan accordingly. They are truly invaluable.

But just like the changing seasons, natural changes in the market can and will distort your analytics. They might tell you that something is working really wonderfully, when it's actually failing pretty terribly — or vice versa. Your data could be leading you in the wrong direction, down the wrong path, at the wrong time of the year.

But before you throw your arsenal of valuable analytical data into the trash, take a moment and let this concept sink in: seasonally adjusted analytics. 

Make Cents from the Noise

It's the real deal, it's just the thing you need to keep your analytics on track, and we want to help you learn how. Join us for our next webinar on Tuesday, September 29, at 10:30 CST to learn how to separate the signal from the noise when it comes to analytics and measuring digital success.

In this webinar, we will walk through how to find seasonality and create seasonally adjusted analytics. This webinar is perfect for anyone who has to tell their boss what is and isn't working and for any bosses who have to sift through a tidal wave of numbers and make sense of what to spend money on and what to cut.

Learn how to measure what works and confidently make business decisions with this webinar.

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