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Sioux Falls’ Restaurants Embrace Foursquare

UPDATED: July 22, 2:25 pm

Foursquare promotions and giveaways have finally come to Sioux Falls. That silly little game that the small, yet active social media-ites of Sioux Falls have been playing since late last fall is now being embraced by local food joint, Sanaa’s Gourmet Restaurant.

Foursquare actually launched back in the spring of 2009 at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas. I was at that conference and thought this mobile game seemed pretty intriguing, but at the time foursquare could only be used in a handful of select cities around the country. When the application opened up to all locations this fall is started to catch on slowly, but surely here in South Dakota.

We’re excited today to announce that there is now even more incentive to play foursquare than just telling your friends where you’re at (as if that wasn’t enough), FREE STUFF! That’s right, 9 Clouds has teamed up with Sanaa’s Gourmet Restaurant to offer a sweet foursquare special. Every time you check-in at Sanaa’s you’ll receive a free cookie or pastry with the purchase of an entree. Pretty cool huh?

Eat your lunch, check in on foursquare, and get free dessert.

It’ll be exciting to watch as local businesses start to adopt foursquare as a unique way to market to their customers and to reach out with deals and promotions. 9 Clouds enjoyed utilizing foursquare at Sioux Falls JazzFest last weekend. Using foursquare was perfect for a large event and we’re able to see the data of who checked in at JazzFest, what time of day, gender breakdown, and more. This is incredibly useful from a marketing standpoint.

Jeff Meuzelaar checks in on foursquare at Sanaa's

9 Clouds is working with other restaurants/bars/venues across both Sioux Falls and Brookings to bring more specials to foursquare so stay tuned.

UPDATE: As of July 22, we’ve teamed up with Mama’s Ladas Enchiladas to offer another foursquare special here in Sioux Falls. Check out their great deal.

One thing to note, 9 Clouds attempted to create a special for our own office location and received the following response from foursquare:

While we’re working the kinks out of our system, we’re trying to limit foursquare specials to places where people meet, socialize and linger. Think: cafes, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, museums, theaters, etc. But stay tuned!  We’ll be expanding the system soon, and you’ll be one of the first to know when we’re ready for all types of business! 🙂

It appears to start foursquare is limiting special to more product-based and social locations. This makes sense initially, but look for foursquare to open up their specials to professional services like hair salons and chiropractors.

For more on foursquare for businesses check out fellow internet marketer, Paul Ten Haken’s story in the Argus Leader’s Business Journal.