[Roundup] May Summer Begin

[Roundup] May Summer Begin

The three hottest months of the year are about to begin.

While the trees are blooming and the butterflies are flying, we can dust off our sandals and wiggle our toes under the warmth of the blazing sun. Now is the ideal time to frolic on the beach, eat watermelon, and capture as much vitamin D as you can.

. . . Or, if you’re anything like me, you don’t mind hibernating indoors, enjoying recommended beach reads with the AC on full blast. (I’m a bit of a summer hater.)

Summer may get mixed reviews. But we’re sure you’ll love this month’s roundup!

Here are the top nine coolest things we found on the Internet throughout May.

(I’ll be over here in the shade if you need me.)

1. Say “Au Revoir” to Last Click Attribution

Google is making a point to end marketers’ obsession with the last click made before a purchase.

Google made this announcement during the annual Google Marketing Next event promoting the company’s upcoming plans for ad products and analytics.

The goal here is to provide insights on how earlier ad dollars are performing in areas like television, video, store visits, and search. Dubbed Google Attribution, the new product uses machine learning to determine the value along every touchpoint of a consumer’s path to purchase.

This will help marketers make sense of the effectiveness of ad dollars spent throughout different channels and devices.

Ad Age compiled an all-encompassing list on the many new changes Google is making. Be sure to check it out!

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2. Dudes Can Wear Rompers, Too

Image credit: originalromphim on Instagram

The “RompHim” is here in a big way.

What is essentially a public onesie is making quite a statement in the world of male mainstream fashion. The trend started to take root thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $136,000, which is 13 times the original $10,000 goal.

There’s even a debate happening over the origin of the RompHim. Some argue that the jumpsuit — like the blue, thigh-high number Sean Connery wore when he played James Bond in the the 1964 movie Goldfinger — was the O.R. (Original RompHim). 

Whether you care or not, the RompHim was a huge topic of discussion in May. We’re sure you’ll see a stylish young bloke rockin’ one at least once this summer.

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3. The Race of Autonomous Car Tech

Speaking of trends, there’s a race going on toward autonomous car innovation. The future of transportation is a big topic of conversation in Silicon Valley.

In fact, more than 260 companies are diving into the driverless car madness and making an effort to to implement the latest technology in the automotive revolution. These companies are all interacting with each other — including larger, established car companies — to reach their autonomous goals.

Wired put together this chart to visualize the 263 companies actively working in the automotive tech market. But don’t commit to the chart as is — it will likely be out of date within a few months.

There are a myriad of questions being asked about autonomous vehicles. As automotive thinkers who are looking ahead, we’re fascinated by the conversation.

Read our posts on the benefits of self-driving cars, how they will bring people to a dealership, and the biggest problems with driverless cars.

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4. This Tool Puts the “Scribe” in Transcribe

If you’re in need of a transcribing service, you’ll want to check out Scribe. Scribe allows you to automatically transcribe your audio files with its easy online tool.

Auto-transcription tools aren’t anything new. But Scribe is turning heads because it is so easy to use and actually works really well.

Two college journalism students from Dublin City University invented Scribe when they needed a tool to transcribe 12 interviews for a school project. They used Google Speech API technology to transfer the sound to words. Fellow colleagues began using the tool as well, and the product basically spread like crazy from there!

To transcribe an audio file, all you have to do is visit the website, enter your email, upload your audio file, and select the language it’s in. Then, just press submit.

The transcribing process is pretty quick. A five-minute recording takes only about 10 seconds to transcribe.

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5. Welcome to 9 Clouds Live

9 Clouds Live Facebook Video Course

These days, organic traffic on Facebook is incredibly hard to come by. It’s still important to engage your followers, but engaging new leads is an even bigger priority.

How do you do that? By creating awesome, highly targeted Facebook ads.

If you haven’t jumped on the Facebook ad bandwagon yet, don’t worry! You can learn all there is to know about advertising with Facebook by viewing our new video course with Scott Meyer called 9 Clouds Live. Start watching to find out all there is to know about sharing your ideas with the world using this effective marketing medium.

If you’re already cracking with Facebook advertising, check out these inspirational creations of mobile Facebook ads.

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6. Bill Gates Has Some Beach Reads for You

Looking for suggestions for your summer reading list? Bill Gates has a few ideas.

On Fast Company, Gates offers a list of thought-provoking books for you to enjoy as you lounge on the beach. The five books he’s chosen range from Jimmy Carter’s A Full Life to Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime.

Gates’s list is up on on the GatesNotes blog. In one section, he says:

“The books on this year’s summer reading list pushed me out of my own experiences, and I learned some things that made me question my own thinking about how the world works.”

The ability to connect with another’s life experience is what makes reading worthwhile. So crack open one of these babies, and start expanding your perspective.

Get deep with these beach reads »

7. Listen to This…

Podcasts aren’t just entertaining. They educate you, challenge your ideals, and expose you to new people and experiences.

A podcast can be a nice change of pace if you are used to poring over documents online while, say, researching the latest trends in the automotive digital marketing world.

Plus, podcasts can help you with networking! No matter what your industry, the ability to network is important. Podcast knowledge can help you make conversation when other people are floundering.

No one in our office listens to more podcasts then Jenny Lockhart. Here are her six suggestions for the best podcasts to help you build your small-talk skills.

Load these podcasts on your phone, MP3 player, or computer, and have a listen.

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8. Become a Fashion ‘Gram Fangirl (or Fanboy)

The fashion industry is thriving on Instagram.

Brands like Fossil, Anthropologie, and Kate Spade are taking striking Insta photos and expertly targeting ads to a highly engaged audience of consumers. The size of communities and level of interest in this market are growing rapidly.

Visual storytelling is key to digital marketing. Any brand from any industry can benefit from adopting the Instagram strategies of popular fashion accounts.

Start shopping fashion accounts, and strut your stuff on Instagram.

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9. Practice Good Meeting Hygiene

If you think you spend two full days in meetings each week, it’s time to make a change.

Sometimes our schedules can feel a little out of control. But by following these time-saving suggestions, you might be able to take back 40 percent of your time each week!

Roughly one-third of all meetings lack agendas, and only 29 percent of schedulers distribute a written plan in advance. But your time is valuable. Do yourself (and your coworkers) a favor by making a time budget. 

Have too many hour-long meetings? Change that. By decreasing unproductive meeting time, you increase productivity for yourself and your teammates.

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