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[Roundup] More Tech, More Problems

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Don't worry, it hasn't gone anywhere. In 2017, you can still expect the 9 Clouds monthly roundup to show you the month's most fascinating links for marketers, auto dealers, and our digital homesteading community.

Amidst a lot of uncertainty of what 2017 will bring, we found January's batch of articles to be focused on predicting the landscape ahead, anticipating its problems, and (hopefully) providing viable solutions.

Take a look at what futurists are fretting about now in the worlds of marketing and automotive sales!

1. Admitting Our Smartphone ProblemAddicted to Apps?

The Atlantic reports that when people are interrupted by a quick notification on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it can take “an average of 25 minutes to return to their original task.”

It's really easy to get in the habit of compulsively checking our phones and all manner of social media. So how do we break the habit? Do we need to?

Tristan Harris is asking ethical questions about the responsibility we have to those we engage on the Internet.

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2. Is the Future of Marketing Less Content…

Janessa Lantz and ThinkGrowth.org think we're nearing our maximum volume of content marketing.

They expect that in the coming years, marketing teams will be paring down their approach to focus on only the most high-impact, high-quality content items.

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3. …Or More Content?

Meanwhile, Steven Rayson and BuzzSumo assert that quantity is, for better or worse, more imperative than quality.

Rayson says there aren't any real signs of content production slowing down yet, pointing to examples where more content equals more engagement.

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4. A Decline in Auto Sales Could Be Lurking

We've been hard at work for a few months compiling information on the performance of auto dealers in 2016 for our next State of Automotive Marketing report.

The early word from our clients and several market analysts say it was a great year, with sales numbers exceeding expectations.

But those same analysts are cautiously predicting the end of that run. That means marketing and sales teams will have to coordinate even better in the next year to keep numbers up.

See why a decline in auto sales might be looming according to The Washington Post.

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5. Driverless Cars Could Be Purchased Online

Buying Cars OnlineWherever else Uber may have misstepped, it's pushing the autonomous race forward, along with Google and other companies.

But will driverless vehicles also shake up the traditional dealership model? Some believe the way we buy these cars could be restructured for partial or entirely online transactions.

Where would that leave your dealership? We took a closer look at how driverless cars will be purchased.

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6. Fewer Car Accidents = Fewer Organs for Transplant

Whether online or not, people will buy driverless vehicles in the coming years. As a result, a huge margin of human-error auto accidents — as many as 90% — will be prevented.

That decrease in auto injuries and fatalities is great news for passengers . . . however, it could cause a new storm of problems for anyone in need of a kidney or liver.

Considering one in five organ donations currently come from vehicular accident victimsSlate theorizes on how we can still help those in need of organ transplants once more than 30,000 donors stop dying on American roads each year.

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7. The Delights of Facebook Ad Targeting

If you didn't have a good sales year in 2016, one of the first questions we'd ask you would be how much you advertised on Facebook. Then, we'd follow that question with ten more about the way you targeted ads on Facebook.

Strong Facebook campaigns are increasingly vital to the online marketing world. If you're still skeptical, or if you just want to dig into what makes Facebook ad targeting effective, check out Jon Loomer‘s analysis of a recent campaign's incredible results.

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8. True or False: Global Warming Is Real

If you said true, check out these 50 ways to make your business more environmentally friendly in 2017 from Small Business Trends.

If you said false, look at all these ways to save money on your company's energy costs in 2017 from Small Business Trends.

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9. Slack Tames Loose ThreadsSlackbot - Slack introduces threads

I have no data to back this up, but I bet workplaces that use Slack are happier.

Slack is a fun way to take care of interoffice communication, it has a brilliant design, and its team is constantly trying to improve the experience — as it did with threaded messaging.

Threads let you branch off a single Slack message to have a side conversation, so only the people who need to be in the mix can participate in a sidebar from the main channel. That means that if someone has a problem, the entire team doesn't have to listen as you try to solve it.

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