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[Roundup] Here’s to Our Top Blog Posts in 2017!

Best of 2017 Blog Posts from 9 Clouds

We're toasting to a wonderful 2017 and sharing our most-read blog posts of the year in this special edition of the 9 Clouds monthly roundup.

It's slightly different from what we normally do, but we like to keep our readers on their toes every now and then.

Pop a bottle of fizzy, sit back, and enjoy the read!

1. Biggest Driverless Car Problems

What are Your Concerns with Driverless Vehicles?

In one post of our six-part driverless car series, we cover some of the biggest problems we will face when driverless cars come to the market. Check them out!

Discover the potential problems with driverless cars ››

2. 2017 State of Automotive Marketing Report

We asked automotive dealerships across the country a few questions about the state of automotive marketing in 2017. This comprehensive report will give you the 411 on priorities, analytics, strategy, and more.

See what people had to say about automotive marketing ››

3. Benefits of Self-Driving Vehicles

People love talking about the future. Like our top post of the year, our third most-read post was also part of our six-part series on driverless cars. This time, check out what benefits driverless cars will give us in the years to come.

Read the benefits of self-driving cars ››

4. Future of Automotive Marketing

With more competition than ever for dealerships to market their inventory, it's important for dealers to understand the digital sales funnel and how to measure it. This post provides the six steps to digital sales conversion for car dealers.

Learn how to build your digital sales funnel ››

 5. Evernote vs. Google Keep

Evernote vs Google Keep

In a head-to-head matchup, this post shares the benefits and failures of two of the top apps for note-taking: Evernote and Google Keep.

View the note-taking app showdown ››

6. Understanding the Automotive Sales Funnel

This post breaks down the automotive sales funnel to help you find your dealership's strengths and weaknesses. It also looks at the four main phases a lead will move through as they work down the funnel.

Hone your dealership's sales funnel ››

7. Benefits of an Informal Company Culture…

Here's a look at our top five benefits of working for a company with informal culture. No need to dress up for this post!

Peruse the benefits of a casual work culture ›› 

8. …And Why We Drink Beer

It's only fitting that our eighth most-read post follows our seventh. Culture is clearly an important thing at 9 Clouds — and by the looks of it, our readers want to read more!

Crack open a cold one (after 3 p.m., of course) ››

9. Advice from the World's Best Beard

Madison Rowley

Image credit: Dan Ostergren, The Wall Street Journal

As you can tell from this post, we enjoy talking about some out-of-the-box stuff sometimes. But really, beards are pretty normal. Read about a first-time beard competitor and how he makes it to the top of the international competition.

We “mustache” you a question about your beard ››

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