Train Your Sales Team to Retain More Facebook Marketplace Leads

Train Your Sales Team to Retain More Facebook Marketplace Leads

Effective use of Facebook Marketplace involves being ready and helpful on a smartphone. Our new downloadable one-page guide will help your sales team assist your Marketplace leads more effectively.

If I were to hazard a guess, I would say your competition is probably treating Marketplace as a secondary lead source — not allocating time and effort into answering questions and closing many of these local leads.

Here’s How You Can Gain an Edge on Facebook Marketplace

Like many sales teams, yours might be juggling in a circus of tasks on any given workday. Don’t let Facebook Marketplace become one of those “back burner” items.

Facebook’s classifieds system, known in the marketing world as “Marketplace,” is a quickly growing feature with millions of active shoppers. According to CBT Automotive Network, more than 550 million people across 51 countries are using Marketplace. That’s more than 10 times as many visits as Craigslist each month!

In 2017, Facebook collaborated with to list its inventory on Marketplace, which resulted in a 27% lift in consumer interactions for dealers.

Now, instead of limiting Marketplace to certain partners, like, Facebook has opened this technology for any dealership that has an inventory feed provider — making it easier than ever to reach people shopping for vehicles on Facebook.

The challenge now, of course, is retaining those qualified shoppers who message your dealership via Marketplace listings.

Marketplace shoppers are “in the moment,” which means they’re further down the sales funnel than people who are simply encountering your ads in their news feeds or on the ad network. That’s why it’s so crucial to follow up quickly!

Help Your Team Help Marketplace Leads with This New Resource

Your sales team is already trained to help people at various stages of the sales funnel — so use our new PDF guide to treat Facebook Marketplace leads with the attention they deserve.

This handy one-page printout is designed specifically for sales teams following up with Facebook Marketplace leads. It’s a visual checklist to ensure a positive interaction that opens as many doors as possible in the customer experience.

Every time your dealership gets a message from a Marketplace listing, we want your team to be equipped to handle it. This new guide will help you do exactly that.

Download the Guide Now: