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How to Repurpose Audio & Video Transcriptions for SEO Accessibility

Transcribe – this word is your new best friend. Your business can provide accessibility for the vision or hearing impaired, and easily repurpose video and audio content by putting the words in writing. You can use the transcription as a blog post, a white paper or an eBook depending on the type of content your repurposing. Transcription is certainly not a sexy task; it can feel tedious, but it will help that message live longer and reach a larger audience.

Choose Content

Not all content should be repurposed. For the amount of time it takes to transcribe video and audio, consider only repurposing the evergreen pieces. “Trendy” topics are as valuable since they will live and die within a short period of time. On the other hand, evergreen content can and should be transcribed and repurposed on several platforms since the information is relevant for a longer period of time, and also to a larger audience.

Use Tools

Here are a few tools to help make the transcription process move faster.


Transcribe app
Try it free for one week and then opt to purchase for $20/year. It also gives you the ability to dictate your audio and just speak what you hear.

oTranscribe app
While this tool does not do the transcription for you, it provides the perfect setup to get the job done. I stacks an audio/video player next to a text editor so everything you need is on one interface.

Rev services
Want someone else to take the reins? Rev will completely transcribe your audio/ video files for $1.00/minute. They also offer translation services if you need something in more than one language.

Add Visuals

Once you have the text transcribed, go back and find visuals to add. Video transcriptions are typically easier since they should have some slides you can screenshot and reference in the article. In some cases, the text will only make sense with those video screenshots so be sure to read the transcription carefully for visual cues.

Audio files such as podcasts are a little harder to find visuals. Consider using photos of the people who spoke in the podcast or even the podcast log itself would be a good visual. Stock photos are less personal, but they can help add some color to the content. For instance, if the podcast This American Life wanted to post a transcription of their “Superpowers” episode they could use stock photos of comic books and superheroes.


Reverse the Process

Which comes first, the blog post or the podcast? Repurposing content works both ways. If you have a stellar blog post or blog series, put someone’s voice to it. Some people prefer reading an article while others need more stimulation so they opt for videos. It’s best to have a mixture of mediums so you’re not missing out on potential content consumers.

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Image: Sam Greenhalgh