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Personalized Marketing: The New Standard in Auto Marketing

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New Standard in Auto Marketing

The new standard in marketing enables you to reach out individually to potential customers so you can talk to them as the unique individual they are. The new standard from customers demands that you partake in this personal outreach.

No longer will buying lists and blasting a price to everyone work. Customers are simply too saavy. Customers have been through the ringer with this digital marketing thing and know the facts and what they want. As marketers, we just need to ask them at the right time if we can help.

Unfortunately, the auto industry is a bit behind the curve. Sure, most dealers are using technology and are on digital channels, but it feels like a sledgehammer trying to hit a nail. Dealers are spending way too much money, doing the same thing over and over for all customers and are never really sure what worked and what didn’t. The old adage that half of marketing works you just don’t know which half is no longer true. Online we can measure and improve every action we take and see what potential customers are looking at so we know their interests before they tell us.

Using Big Data at Target

One interesting story that illustrates this is from Target. A few years ago, Target, which keeps meticulous records of its customers, starting sending a promotions for new baby gear to a teenage girl. Her dad was furious and marched in to the Target headquarters and demanded an apology that it would corrupt his daughter with the idea that she could have a child. She was definitely not pregnant and he did not want target to give her any ideas.

A week later he returned to Target and apologized. It turned out she was indeed pregnant! Target knew before he did!

So how did they do that? By watching her buying behavior they knew that she was pregnant and sent her the promotion that was personalized for her exact situation. Following this event Target actually changed their marketing to be less smart! They now intentionally mix in other promotions with the customized promotion to make the potential customer feel less like it was personalized for them.

Big Data for Auto Dealers

As auto dealers we have the potential to know exactly what makes and models our customers are looking for before they may have even decided themselves. Based on their online behavior, service history and previous purchase history you can piece together a personalized, and incredible accurate picture of who they are as a driver.

Armed with this information you or your sales team can ask the right questions, promote the right car and provide the right information to help them make the purchase. The tired image of a sleezy car salesperson trying to sell a lemon is a thing of the past. Today’s auto dealers and salespeople can and should be x mixed with a concierage service person.

So how do we get from here to there?

There is much to learn, much to improve and we’ll attempt to do just that on this blog and on our podcast. We’ll take a look at many of the digital marketing efforts you may be using, like social media, online ads, websites, email marketing, text messages and more. We’ll also take a look at some of the strategies and ideas you may not have yet considered such as big data, inbound marketing, customer segmentation, dynamic content and behavior psychology.

Sounds fancy huh?

Well, we’ll make it easy to understand and actionable so you can start to implement it in your dealership. If you’re interested in following this ever-changing industry, make sure to enter your email and subscribe on the right hand side.