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[Roundup] Outer Spacebook?

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Facebook, which started as an experiment in a Harvard University dorm room, laid waste to MySpace. Now Mark Zuckerberg wants to commandeer outer space. He’ll probably tackle the space-time continuum next.

Anyway, we lead with these developments, which were announced at Facebook’s annual F8 conference, in this edition of the 9 Clouds Monthly Roundup. Read about Zuck’s plan for connecting the world with lasers, drones, and balloons in this article by Contently’s Dillon Baker.

And here is the rest of the best of what we found on the Internet in April.

9 Clouds Monthly Roundup

1. It’s getting harder for dealers to stand out in the digital marketing universe, per Ian Cruickshank of Speed Shift Media.

2. People shop for cars on their smartphones. A lot. Google is capitalizing with swipe-able ads that so far are yielding impressive results, writes Adweek’s Marty Swant.

3. Google continues to detangle the nasty web of confusion it spun with Google Plus, a social network that went over about as well as this Nick Jonas guitar solo. No longer do you need a Plus account to review businesses online — just a Google account. Kudos, Google. Mike Blumenthal of GetFiveStars.com has more.

4. Is it the end of “free social”? Christopher Heine of Adweek thinks so. Read his take on the recent algorithm changes by Twitter and Instagram.

5. Having conflict in your office? 9 Clouds’ Sarah Carnes has some valuable tips for resolving work-related differences of opinion without resorting to physical violence or arm wrestling.

Avoiding conflict at work.

Not the best way to resolve conflict.

6. If you want to freshen up your social media images, you’ll need to balance consistency with content fatigue, according to Alan Cassinelli of Buffer.

7. Is it okay to use emojis in business? Matt Haughey of the popular business messaging service Slack makes a strong case.

8This thing is really cool.

9. Moz is a staple of our roundup. This month is no different. Check out Rand Fishkin’s explanation of how SEO is vital to small businesses.

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And keep an eye out for Zuckerberg’s drones.