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Outbrain: Honing in on Leads

Outbrain is a popular content distribution network.

During our month-long experiment with Outbrain, we noted that the distribution network offers astonishing reach at a low cost but with few targeting options. That is changing.

A More Targeted Approach

When it comes to impressions, we aren't sure if another platform can match the visibility of an Outbrain campaign–we achieved more than one million impressions for approximately $400.

However, we would have preferred to select the websites that displayed our content. Not all of our Outbrain advertiser sites were targeted toward our particular audience.

Outbrain allows you to block up to five publishers, but that doesn't solve the problem you may create when you shotgun content across the World Wide Web without targeting a specific audience. With Outbrain, your content will appear in a lot of places–just not in places you choose. For publishers who are simply looking to blast their content out on the web, this isn't a problem. But those who depend on converting leads will want a better system for targeting potential customers. It looks like they will get it, as Outbrain's new optimization tool will do just that.

Performance Content Marketing

Outbrain is implementing a potentially monumental change that promises to allow users to better align campaigns with their correct audience: Performance Content Marketing.

As explained to us by our Outbrain reps, users can now optimize campaigns for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs, such as sales revenue, leads, and cost per acquisition (CPA), measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

You can pinpoint a valuable user action, like a conversion KPI (purchase, sign-up, etc.) or an engagement KPI (video view, social share, etc.), and Outbrain's new KPI Optimization feature will identify and prioritize the traffic sources that are performing these valuable actions.

Your campaign will therefore receive more traffic from sources that convert and less traffic from sources that don't. Subsequently, you will achieve more conversions, with a higher conversion rate and lower CPA.

Outbrain is a popular content distribution network.

Let's say your KPI is a social share, and Outbrain discovers that visitors of www.cnn.com/travel are sharing your latest article about scuba diving in Aruba like crazy. Outbrain's new KPI feature will prioritize your campaign toward that website.

Outbrain's new tool will pinpoint the users who are sharing your content, and it will promote your posts on the websites visited by those users.

Getting Started

We've discussed the ins and outs of Outbrain in our previous posts. Read those first.

If you decide to create a campaign, be sure to ask your Outbrain rep about the new KPI Optimization, as we believe it could be a game-changer when it comes to generating leads. If you can blast your content to a huge audience and target users who are performing valuable KPI actions like an email signup or social share, your list of leads can grow exponentially.

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