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Our First Week in Digital Marketing

A Tale of Two Content Specialists

In a world where one web developer and one content intern cross paths, they both discover what it means to be a part of the 9 Clouds team.

Rachel | Spirit Animal: Dolphin

My first week at 9 Clouds wasn’t quite your typical first week at a new job.

Reason being, the transition brought me to an office filled with already familiar faces. Coincidentally, 9 Clouds is just a hop, skip, and a jump down the hall from my previous internship at Lemonly, an infographic design agency ran by brofounder John Meyer.

Both companies share a kitchen, conference rooms, and nearly identical workplace culture. The shift has brought me to the same building, same parking lot, and same communal coffee pot. Which is good, because both teams sure know how to make a strong cup of joe.

As I immerse myself in the 9 Clouds culture, I grow more eager to learn, create, and help wherever I can!

Allen | Spirit Animal: Octopus

Coming to 9 Clouds was a bit longer journey for me. I came from across the state, not the hall, having never even set foot in the office. Despite not meeting the team before this week, my experience was as easy and familiar as Rachel’s–a testament to the welcoming environment here.

9 Clouds fosters a tight knit, highly collaborative environment. Everyone embraces this, leaning on one another’s unique backgrounds and strengths to fill in the gaps. Seeing how naturally the team flows together quickly assuaged any concern I had about being the odd-man-out. Changing career paths from technical to creative, I’m excited about how much I can learn here and look forward to augmenting the team with my own technical craft.

No First Day Jitters Here

As much as Sarah (1 of 3) tried to reassure us that the first week is overwhelming, we really didn’t find this to be the case. Upon meeting the 9 Clouds crew, we skipped over all the awkward new coworker stuff and went straight to friendly banter. Didn’t take long for us to feel like we were hanging out with a bunch of good pals.

The weekly creative meeting turned into a getting-to-know-you hang session. We went around the room, introduced ourselves, and discussed each other’s experiences with writing, digital marketing, and what led us to 9 Clouds. Then, as an icebreaker question, we shared our favorite animals and spirit animals, and learned that the team’s  individual backgrounds and talents are as myriad as our menagerie. Answers were all across the animal kingdom, including a manatee, ostrich, elephant, octopus, dolphin, polar bear, feline, sloth, bison, and even a liger.

After this random meeting, the 9 Clouds crew had a lunch filled with delicious food and good humor.

We Live In the Cloud (Literally)

Aptly named, 9 Clouds tools are all in the Cloud, and the variety of tools in our tool belts would put Batman to shame. It took us nearly our entire first day just to set them up and become marginally familiar. No mastery here, yet, but it’s clear 9 Clouds has selected only the most effective services for every situation.

Rachel’s Favorites:

Allen’s Favorites:

  • Slack
  • HubSpot
  • Mac (Ok, not a service… but I finally completed my OS Trifecta!)

Stop, Collaborate, & Listen

Throughout the week, we made note of the collaborative and hard-working spirit our teammates share.

Over-communication is the 9 Cloud’s mantra. We’ve never felt afraid to interrupt a coworker with questions—work-related or otherwise.

9 Cloud’s passion to produce meaningful work is inspiring and contagious. We’re looking forward to improving our digital literacy and catching up to our coworker’s skill levels. These digital homesteaders sure know their stuff!