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Office Insight: Why We Use Freshbooks 

Every business needs an accounting system to organize accounts receivable.

For major corporations, that’s typically an accounting department and a CFO, but small businesses like 9 Clouds don't require a team of math wizards to track finances.

Enter FreshBooks. 

It’s a web-based accounting software system that’s built for small business owners to get organized and get paid. Here’s a look at why we use it — and how you can put it to work for your business.

User-friendly Interface

For a group of tech-savvy people, we love a user-friendly system. Although we can navigate complicated software, we prefer something simple.

FreshBooks is designed with a small business owner in mind — meaning it won’t take up a lot of your precious time.

The navigation is intuitive, and the options are simplified without losing their power. You can do reporting and invoicing that you would in a traditional standard like Quickbooks, but without complex processes.

Even better, we can access FreshBooks from any device — our laptops, smartphones and tables — which is really important for a digital company like 9 Clouds.

Employee Success

As a team, we use FreshBooks for more than an invoicing system. From content specialists to project managers, we’re all using it to track our time.

This helps us monitor the hours we’re spending on each client’s work, as well as our own projects. When it comes down to reviews, we can use our FreshBooks log to figure out if an employee is overwhelmed by client demands or needs more training.

9 Clouds wants every employee to enjoy work-life balance, and that won’t happen if someone is constantly stressed about projects. Without FreshBooks, it would be hard to get this insight into each person’s individual capacity.

Time-saving Solution

In a lot of small businesses like ours, one person wears the unofficial CFO hat, but likely does another job full-time.

The reminders and automatic invoicing features save a lot of time that would traditionally be spent manually entering data. Once clients are in our system, we can put their account on cruise control and trust that’s it’s being done correctly.

Managing Profitability

In a service-focused business like 9 Clouds, time is money so we need to know how much time it takes to complete the work we have on our plates. The most important thing in our business is client success but along with that, we need to make sure we're doing it in a way that meets the needs of our business as well. Freshbooks helps us track that and identify areas where we need to become more efficient.

Running a small business can be difficult, and that’s why we’re happy to tell you about the programs that make our lives easier.

Check out how we use other programs like Slack, Basecamp and Chrome extensions to boost our efficiency every day, and get in touch with us to see how we can work for you.