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Niche Blogs are Like Online Candy

The niche blog is my new favorite online treat. What is a niche blog you are asking? I consider a niche blog to be a blog devoted to one simple idea with regular posts that keep you coming back for more and sometimes even allow for reader submissions depending on the topic. Obviously blogs are not a new concept but I feel like the idea of super specific blogging is becoming more popular or at least I’m finding more quality blogs to read on a regular basis.

If you’re new to the niche blogging idea you’re probably dying to find out what they really are. I think one of the most amusing examples of how this can be done is People of Walmart. The entire blog is devoted to photos of people shopping at Wal-mart who seem to have left their fashion sense/common sense/pride at home. Three roommates created this amusing site and also created other amusing spin-offs including “You Drive What?“, “Beach Creeps” and “White Trash Repairs.” All equally amusing! My favorite feature of this site is that they label which state each photo comes from – there’s no hiding! Here’s hoping you never see yourself…!

I don’t know what it is that draws us to the “wrecks” of life but another of my favorite niche sites is Cake Wrecks. Yes, this is an entire site devoted cake. Not just any cake though – it’s devoted to those unbelievably bad, ugly and downright wrong decorated cakes. This blog will leave you wondering if the only people that decorate cakes are color blind, missed biology class and can’t spell to save their life. If the photos aren’t entertainment enough, the captions will make your abs hurt from laughing so hard. So enjoy these bakery mishaps and whatever you do, please don’t buy one of those cupcake cakes!

And because you just can’t get enough of laughing at other people, let Awkward Family Photo continue your online amusement. This site is doubly amusing because a majority of these photos were, wait for it…, planned! Sadly, most of us can remember a family photo that, at the time, seemed like the coolest idea ever (read: all denim. Hi mom!) but looking back just looks awkward. Once again, this is a blog that accepts reader submissions and this site holds a special place in my heart because I am fortunate enough to know one of the families on there. One of my long-time friends actually submitted a photo to the site, had it posted AND is featured in the book they created out of some of the best posts. It’s almost like I’m famous!

So, if you haven’t noticed a trend yet, it’s that I enjoy comedic websites (life’s too serious, laugh a little!) and my top favorite hilarious niche blog right now is  CatalogLiving. Molly Erdman is an actor, writer, comedian and the creator of the site. She takes those beautifully designed catalog pages we all see in Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, etc. and has created characters that actually live in them. Only you’ll notice that these beautiful catalog pages are nothing like real life and that Gary and Elaine aren’t leading the same life as the rest of us. The snappy wit you will find in the captions is what makes this site a smart, must-read blog.

I know there a ton more of these fabulous blogs and I would love to add them to my must-read list so what are you favorites and why do you love them?