Nice to Meet You: Why We Blog About Ourselves (and Why You Should, Too)

Nice to Meet You: Why We Blog About Ourselves (and Why You Should, Too)

Nobody likes a self-centered so-and-so. 

You know the person I’m talking about. The one who’s always complaining about how many things are wrong in their life. Or, conversely, the one who’s constantly telling you how great their life is, to the point where you wonder whether they’re a real person with real feelings and real struggles. One way or another, these people are always talking about themselves

It’s hard to build a relationship with that person, isn’t it? A good conversation is a two-way street, with both parties contributing and listening.

These same principles apply when you’re trying to build a relationship with potential clients or peers. Adding value is the name of the game!

So why in the world would you spend any of your valuable blog space talking about yourself?

Simply put, blogging about your business gives your readers a peek behind the curtain, showing some of your fun company personality. It also creates a welcoming environment for potential employees, so they’ll (hopefully) be a little more interested in joining your crew.

We especially value sharing our company culture online because many of our clients aren’t local, so we don’t always get to meet with them regularly — so if they want to get to know us better (I mean, who wouldn’t? We’re pretty cool), they can just check out our blog!

Team culture posts are a valuable addition to our online presence, and we think more businesses should follow suit. Here’s why!

Pardon us while we hog the conversation and tell you why we talk about ourselves so much on our blog. 😉

Why We Blog About Our Company Culture So Much

We share lots about our team because we want you to get to know us and because we believe that putting your company’s personality out there is an amazing online introduction that will benefit you in the long term! 

If you work with 9 Clouds, you’re going to have a lot of interactions with a good majority of our group — and, let’s face it, working with people you like is a lot more enjoyable than working with people you don’t. 

Talking about our company culture gives both clients and potential employees the opportunity to learn what we stand for, why we do what we do, and even show how we have fun together off the clock!

And, as they say, the proof is in the pudding! We’ve had lots of leads get excited to work with us because they heard about us at a conference, checked us out online, and really jived with how we do things.

On a personal note, I became interested in applying to 9 Clouds after reading about our flexible work hours and our core values. And now here I am!

We Want to Help Set Realistic and Positive Expectations

Expectations are especially important when it comes to choosing who you do business with. 

A few weeks ago, I went shopping with a friend of mine. I’m new to town, so it was fun to hop from shop to shop because every store was a completely new and fun experience. We were surprised to find fun accents for our homes and ended up with multiple bags with only one or two things in each.

But . . . then we went to Target. We needed to also buy Christmas presents and had very specific things we were looking for. We walked out with bags bulging with multiple items. 

See, it’s totally fine to be delightfully surprised when you’re leisurely shopping. But when you’re looking for a solution to a problem, you want to know that your needs will be met before you step foot in the store. 

We write about ourselves because we provide a very specific set of services. We want you to know if we’re what you’re looking for before you step foot in our digital storefront.

How to Blog About Company Culture Without Being Arrogant

Have a conversation, not a monologue. 

Blog about your culture, share what your team is up to, and, most importantly, tie it back to what you can do for your clients. Don’t just talk about yourself for the sake of filling up a word count — be intentional about your message!

Whenever you start writing a new blog post, keep in mind that you should always contribute to the conversation instead of adding to the noise. Make your readers comfortable by being honest and authentic, while focusing on adding value to their lives.

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