New A/B Testing Features on HubSpot

New A/B Testing Features on HubSpot

A/B testing is a simple concept: compare two versions of something to see which performs better by changing one variable.

Any good A/B test can improve your digital marketing, lead you to make better decisions based on data, and continually improve your bottom-line. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a labor-intensive project thanks to new A/B testing tools on HubSpot.

We’ve covered how and what to A/B test for email marketing messages before. Keep reading for other A/B test ideas for your business and learn how to implement them with HubSpot. 

A/B Testing Feature for HubSpot Emails

If you’ve recently created an email in HubSpot, you’ve probably noticed this little icon on the left side.

HubSpot ab testing features

This button allows you to create two different versions of your email, then test it with part of your list before sending. For this to work best, make sure there are at least 1,000 contacts in the entire list. If not, that’s fine too, you can still split it 50/50, but you’ll see better results and receive stronger insights with a bigger sample size.

Be sure to only test one variable at a time! This is the only way to evaluate the effectiveness of the element you’re taking a close look at.

Keep in mind, that you don’t have to make this complicated. Testing minor changes could bring you major insights—so test out anything that comes to mind! Sometimes this type of testing can yield the biggest improvements.

Email elements for A/B testing:

    • Subject line
    • CTA placement or color
    • Personalization (Example: “Mrs. HubSpot vs. “Nancy”)
    • Time of send or day of send
    • Alignment
    • Closing text
  • Images

Optimization is a continuous process. Start off by running a few incremental tests and make tweaks with the information you uncover.

For more on the new feature, check out this HubSpot A/B testing with email guide to help you through the process.

A/B Testing Feature for HubSpot Landing Pages

Beside email, you may also A/B test landing pages with HubSpot.

ab testing features on HubSpot

With HubSpot’s new A/B testing tool for landing pages, you’re able to toggle between version A and B, and make edits. 

Remember, it’s only a true A/B test if you isolate one variable. Try experimenting with different offers or test out form fields. You may even want to test the entire page layout and see which version performs better.

Landing page elements for A/B testing:

    • Headline
    • Font
    • Layout
    • CTA placement
  • Images

After you publish the page, HubSpot makes it easy to see results, and compare and contrast to understand why one page did better than the other.

For more on the new feature, check out this HubSpot A/B testing on a landing page guide to help you through the process.

Every Online Marketer Should Be A/B Testing

A/B testing measures are scientific enough to help us discern what is and isn’t working, but remember that there will always be a factor you can’t account for. Some email recipients might not even read the subject line you’re testing, or they might bounce on your landing page for no specific reason at all.

While we can’t 100% know what drives people to make an action, A/B testing can help us reach a close conclusion. You’ll only see positive improvements and stronger engagement if you apply what you learned from an A/B test to your landing pages and emails.

If you want to go beyond A/B testing and optimize your email marketing even more, we have advice on what works! Check out our email marketing resources.