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Social Media Field Guide

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The Sharing Economy

Recently, I've seen many articles about a concept called the giving and sharing economy, “a term that describes the couch-surfing, car-sharing and community-garden-growing world where so many people are using their existing talents, space or tools”. NPR even has a page of articles devoted to it.

Over the past five years, we have been creating and sharing information on social media and digital marketing through our free resources and webinars. Our team is passionate about sharing information with and empowering folks in rural areas to improve their businesses and communities.

Most Common Digital Questions

At 9 Clouds, the most frequent questions we get are:

  • What networks should I be using?
  • Why should I use Pinterest or Google Plus or [insert network]?
  • What network is best for my business?

Since we get these questions so often, we decided it was time to combine the answers in one place so the information was easily shareable. We worked with our friends at the infographic design firm Lemonly to put together an infographic that answers these questions on the top six networks we find ourselves using and recommending:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Google Plus

Answers to Your Digital Questions

The social media infographic includes key stats, target markets, audiences and the time commitment for each network. Even if you only have a few minutes, this piece will give you a good overview of the networks and whether they are right for you/worth your time.

At 9 Clouds our economy is the sharing economy.

We are constantly sharing resources and information to help our readers improve their digital literacy so take a gander at this handy infographic and – while you're at it – share it! 😉

You can share it with our fancy social media buttons at the bottom of the post or add it to your site with this fancy embed code:

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What's with the animals?

We are beyond excited here at 9 Clouds for the impending launch of our first book – Navigating Social Media: A Field Guide. The infographic highlights the networks that will be featured in the book and gives you a peek at some of the book content.

We're launching the book next week so if you haven't already, sign up at www.9clouds.com/fieldguide to get notified when it launches.

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Source: NPR