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My First Week at 9 Clouds: Intentionally Intentional

As the newest project manager on the 9 Clouds team, I'm excited to be bringing my external and internal agency experience to the crew.

My first week at 9 Clouds has been filled with standard administrative logistics, juxtaposed with events such as my first “Allen Day.” Allen Day, I found, is a day to eat breakfast food and celebrate the fact that your coworker has the last name Day.

After a successful Allen Day, I spent a large part of my week assimilating to client work, learning new software, munching on some knowledge sandwiches, and reading a few marketing manifesto materials.

Now that my first week is finished, I can say I feel at home in a place that aligns so closely with my “work hard/play hard” mentality.

My Project Management Journey

Although I was born in Minneapolis, Sioux Falls will always be home.

I spent the large part of my formative years in this city and have many personal ties to friends and family here. After some time in the Black Hills and most recently Minneapolis, I decided to make the move back. Sioux Falls is what’s right for me.

The delightful thing about being a young professional with only a small basset hound mix to be responsible for is that you are free to experiment and find out what’s right for you. You get a chance to be intentional about your endeavors.


Intention. I’ve developed a love for this word and its place in my world.

I think it’s fantastic to have goals in mind when you're growing up. Graduate from high school, go to college, and start dressing better, you slob. But the older you get, the more you work with intention.

I like to think I operate under a set of my own guiding principles now, rather than goals. Love the people around you, don’t be a jerk, be happy, and when the person in front pays for you in the drive-thru line, remember you can do that for the person behind you.

(Okay, so the last one is a goal. It’s happened too many times, it’s embarrassing. I can’t help it! I get too excited.)

Small Is the New Big

Intention is what made 9 Clouds so appealing to me. This organization is familiar with smart, intentional work. 9 Clouds is intentionally small — partnering with our clients in a true sense of the word.

In rejecting the traditional idea of growth as the need to be big to succeed, our team is kept small. Our project managers have a clear idea of where our projects are, so we can better protect our content team. Our content team focuses on creating a curated group of work to have a consistently strong output.

It’s a business model that isn’t right for everyone, but it feels right for us. For so many things in life, that should be the priority. Find what suits you, and pursue wholeheartedly.

It’s why I’m back in Sioux Falls, and it’s why I’m happy to be 9 Clouds' newest addition. I’m excited to bring this same intentionality to my clients.