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My First Week at 9 Clouds: Goodbye Print

9 Clouds is a truly digital workplace.

Absolutely everything is communicated, planned and executed online — through dozens of different platforms. This means the team is constantly up-to-date on all of the projects in the works, a huge plus for clients.

It’s also a huge bonus for new employees such as myself.

Sure, I spent most of my first day just creating log-ins for all of the tools we use in the office. And yes, I’m a little worried I’ll never remember all of my passwords. But the trade off is access to an endless amount of information. Things I’ll seriously need as I start the transition from journalism to marketing.

Even better, I’ve got an awesome team of co-workers helping me make the switch.

There’s always a level of risk in taking a new job, especially when it’s in a new field, but I can’t imagine a better fit for this time in my life. My new co-workers are super friendly, incredibly patient, and 42 percent Sara(h)s. That makes remembering names so much easier.

With my background in journalism and English lit, it’s not going to be easy to change. I love paper. I’ve even got a newsprint-scented candle I sometimes burn while reading, you guessed it, hardcover books.

Journalism isn’t all about the smell of ink, though. It’s a constantly-changing business — just like digital marketing. I’m looking forward to the excitement of doing something different every day, whether it’s working with a new client or learning a new skill.

And yes, I’m looking forward to learning to do it all online.