New Model Automotive Ads From Google

New Model Automotive Ads From Google

Recently, Google announced a new type of search ad just for the automotive industry.

These ads are called Model Automotive ads, and they function as a swipeable photo album. Model Automotive ads are only available to OEM advertisers and are only featured on mobile devices.

According to Google, these new ads provide a better car shopping experience by visually showing the specific make and model in the search query and by providing short snippets of key car details, like MPG. Essentially, Model Automotive ads are top-of-the-funnel ads targeted toward shoppers who are still in the research phase.

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3 Reasons to Take Note of Model Automotive Ads

All right — so basically, there are these great new ads from Google specifically for automotive. The caveat is that you, as a local car dealership, can’t use them.

But here’s why Model Automotive ads still matter to your dealership advertising plan.

1. Imagery

Model Automotive ads are photo-based and interactive. This reinstates how important imagery is to the car selling process. Make sure your website and other marketing channels, especially your vehicle detail pages (VDPs), use high-quality photos.

2. Other Platforms

Google search ads are not the only player in the game. There are other ways to use multiple images in your digital advertising strategy (ahem, Facebook ads). Utilize the photo album concept with display ads and social ads.

3. Keyword Strategy

Google’s new Model Automotive ads are aiming for basic keyword searches, like “2016 Mazda CX-5.” This can help reassure you that OEMs are taking care of basic model searches, so you can focus on long-tail keywords like “used Mazda CX-5 in Bloomington MN.”

Let the OEMs duke it out over who has the best models. Focus your ad strategy on your specific dealership value. Whether that be proximity, price, service, or selection, reinstate your dealership’s unique value, and include it in your messaging and targeting.

Be Tactful

As advertising platforms roll out new features, OEMs are first in line, while dealerships get “stuck” waiting for the same access. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. New releases still provide valuable information that dealerships can apply to other areas of their advertising strategy.

Let your OEM weed out the cold searchers, while you take care of the warmer shoppers. Learn more about ad targeting, specifically for Facebook ads.


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