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Millennials in the Workplace Take Ownership

Millennials in the workplace appreciate certain perks. They like to work remotely and independently. They also like short meetings. But how can an employer benefit from granting these privileges?

As an employer, you may wonder why you should release your grip on age-old workplace routines. You know – working in the office from 8-5 Monday through Friday, guiding employees through every menial task, explaining things in excruciating detail during two-hour meetings with the Bobs. How can you benefit from loosening your scheduling rules and leaving more decision-making to your employees?

Well, for one thing, your employees – millennials, for sure, but we think any employee would appreciate these freedoms – will be happier. Perhaps more importantly, they will take ownership of their work.

Taking Ownership

When millennials set their own schedules and work without hand-holding from management, they are by default taking ownership of their job. Millennials who receive these privileges know they are to blame for their success or failure. An overused cliche applies: The buck stops here. Millennials who have workplace independence know the buck stops with them.

“If you want your employees to take ownership in their jobs and work for you the way they’d work for themselves, you must invite them to be more than just an order-taking drone by cultivating a culture of autonomy,” says workplace culture expert Eric Chester.

You will rarely hear a millennial who has been granted workplace independence blame a co-worker for a work-related problem. Why? Because when expectations are set clearly, tasks are doled out specifically, and an employee is trusted to work independently, who is left to blame? Nobody. (9 Clouds believes in workplace independence. Want to know how to make it work for your business? Subscribe to our blog to find out. 


Autonomy Equals Ownership

Autonomy equals ownership, which reduces workplace drama. If your employees are working independently, they aren't going to be bickering, blaming you or each other for misplaced TPS reports.

Ownership also leads to better productivity. Employees who control their destiny at work will be more proud of what they accomplish – and take more steps to ensure things are done right. If you let employees do a task their way, they will enjoy themselves and will probably finish it faster. Inspire millennials by making them feel like they have a purpose at your company. Trust them to work independently so they feel included in your company's mission, whatever that may be.

More Ways to Encourage Employees to Take Ownership

In his article 10 Ways to Encourage Employees to Take Ownership, the aforementioned Eric Chester points out some great tips on how to encourage employees to take ownership of their work. His thoughts are very much in line with our philosophy. Keep these tips in mind and you are bound to attract millennials to your workplace – and keep your employees happy.

Getting Started

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