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Millennials in the Workplace: Meetings

millennials in the workplace

You've already heard us talk about some ways to attract millennials in the workplace, such as offering flexibility and thinking about a few basic principles. Now let's talk about meetings.

Meetings Must Be Managed Carefully

Nobody likes meetings. Millennials don't either. They probably dislike them more than most, having grown up in the digital age with shorter attention spans. Meetings are necessary. But you don't have to let them devour a huge portion of your on-the-clock time. Limit the number of meetings you hold, keep them short and sweet, and trim that agenda.

Rigid office procedures drive millennials away. Holding lengthy meetings several times a week won't win over millennials, or any other employees. So if you are tired of looking into a sea of glazed eyes that are stealing glances at smartphones (and, now, perhaps Apple Watches), check out these tips, which are part of our series on millennials in the workplace.

How Long?

Meetings will produce diminishing returns after an hour. Don't let them go any longer. You may have more than an hour's worth of business to discuss, but meetings that drone on for two or even three hours are counterproductive and will exhaust your employees. Keep the agenda barebones. Discussion is essential for any workplace, but save only the most crucial topics for your meetings. For longer explanations of procedures or ideas, use email.

How often?

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a four-person small business, you shouldn't need more than one all-staff meeting per week. At 9 Clouds, we have a short all-staff meeting on Monday morning. Our creative team meets on Tuesdays to discuss creative ideas/concepts, while the project managers hold one weekly meeting on Monday to discuss workloads. As far as staff meetings (we hold client meetings as necessary), that's it.

Agenda: Rule With an Iron Fist


Again, create a barebones agenda based on ideas or issues that can only be addressed in person. If you find yourself in a lengthy back-and-forth with a single employee during a meeting, take a step back and curtail the discussion for a later sit-down with that person.

Nothing saps energy from employees – millennial or otherwise – faster than listening to a lengthy discussion about something that has nothing to do with them. Keep the agenda short and sweet. And stick to it. Rule your meetings with an iron fist. Occasional joking and storytelling is fine, but if the discussion strays too far from the topic and for too long, reign it back in.

Time of Day

This can vary, depending on the needs of your business. Monday morning is the best time for 9 Clouds because we like to map out our individual and group needs for the entire week. Avoid holding meetings on Fridays, as attention spans can lag by that time of the week. Figure out what time works best for your business and stick to that schedule every week.

Getting Started

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