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Stand Tall with Meerkat Video Streaming

Meerkat is a robust streaming app.

Meerkat is no longer just an adorable animal. Now, it's also a revolutionary video streaming service.

Revolutionary is not a term that should be used lightly in our world of constantly evolving technology. But Meerkat fits the bill. This simple app can broadcast a live event to millions of Twitter followers with a mere push of a button.

Meerkat – Snapchat on Steroids

Think of it as Snapchat on steroids. Or the Saturday Night Live of the social networking world. When you stream an event with Meerkat, it's all live. A recording of the event can be saved to the camera roll of the iOS device you used for the Meerkat stream, but information about viewers or viewer comments will not be saved.

Meerkat is currently available only to iOS users, meaning you will need an iPhone or iPad to use the service (Android users can download a “watch only” version). You'll also need a Twitter account. So how do you get started on Meerkat?

Getting Started

Meerkat is a robust streaming app.





To use Meerkat, download the app on the iOS store using your iPad or iPhone. You will be asked to log in with your Twitter handle. Meerkat will ask permission to use your camera. If you want to host your own video stream, you will need to enable this option. If you would prefer to simply watch other streams, you can deny the camera permission. After setting permissions, check out your followers and vice versa by clicking on your profile at the top left of the home screen of the app.

Other features of the home screen include options for scheduling a live stream or starting one immediately. The app is very straightforward. Play with it for 5 or 10 minutes and you'll quickly discover how to find live streams, follow interesting Meerkat users and more.

Meerkat is a robust streaming app for iOS devices.

Rules of Meerkat

Here are the official “Rules of Meerkat,” posted on the application’s brilliantly simple website.

  • Everything that happens on meerkat happens on Twitter.
  • Streams will be pushed to followers in real time via push notifications.
  • Everything is live, no reruns.
  • Watchers can restream any stream to their followers in real time.
  • Scheduled streams will be distributed in the community by subscribers.
  • Your own streams can be kept locally on your phone.
  • Everyone can watch on the web.
  • Be kind.

Meerkat in Action


IMG_4255Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Meerkat is the virtually endless things to which it can be applied. For example, Connor used Meerkat to show his friends how to build a coffee table in his woodworking shop.








IMG_4273Or, you can use it to share memorable events as they unfold right before your eyes. In this example, John is using Meerkat to share the final seconds of a tournament basketball game with his friends who couldn't be there in-person.









How to use Meerkat to Market your Business

Meerkat provides a great opportunity for business owners to reach large segments of their audience using this incredibly intuitive iOS app. Watch the 9 Clouds blog for an upcoming post about how to use live streaming video to reach and engage your audience.