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[Webinar Series] How to Master Automotive SEO

SEO Webinar

Digital is driving automotive marketing (pun definitely intended). Google reports that one in three people uses their mobile phone to do research during the car sales process.

Optimizing your dealership's website will help you show up where your customers are shopping — and it all starts with an understanding of search engine optimization (SEO).

In this three-part webinar series, Scott Meyer of 9 Clouds will explain SEO from beginner levels to advanced tactics. While this series will use examples in the automotive industry, the lessons can be applied to any business. Register for the entire series here.

Registrants for any session will be given access to all webinar recordings. That way, you can continue to improve long after the webinars are complete.

Automotive SEO Webinar Sessions

April 19: SEO and Measuring the ROI of SEO (Beginner)

During this webinar, you'll learn how what SEO is and why it even matters for your business in the first place. Scott will explain best practices to improve SEO and tools to measure SEO so that you can track your improvement over time.

This session is perfect for anyone getting started with digital marketing or looking to make sure they're taking all the most important steps to improve their SEO.


April 22: Which Words, Where? Mastering On-Page SEO (Intermediate)

In this webinar, learn what the term on-page SEO means and why it matters in terms of optimization.

You'll find out which words are most important for sales and service — and where you should put them on your website. Scott will talk about diversifying website content after your web provider builds it and teach you how to turn vehicle detail pages (VDPs) into SEO gold mines.

This session is perfect for marketers ready to customize their website and create an SEO strategy for their store.


April 26: Advanced SEO Tactics and Tools (Advanced)

On-page SEO is only an estimated 25% of what makes your site show up on search engines. Off-page SEO comprises the other 75%. Using advanced link building techniques and tools to identify SEO opportunities will make a long-term impact on your SEO. In this session, you'll learn about off-page SEO and link building.

The webinar will also cover how to build links between rooftops and auto groups; how to leverage sponsorships and events to improve SEO; how to steal links from competitors and compare yourself against their results; how to use advanced SEO tools like Open Site Explorer, Moz, and SEO Rush; and why encryption and mobile design matter for your SEO.

This session is perfect for marketers who are already monitoring SEO and are looking for new ways to show up on Google. You will be the only one in town using these techniques, so make sure to attend!


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