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Making Work Feel Like It’s Not Work

Making Work Feel Like It's Not Work

We all want to achieve success—whether that be professionally, emotionally, financially, or otherwise. But how do we go about this?

Feeling fulfilled and happy in the workplace is a very familiar goal amongst millennials and anyone. We want to make work feel like it's not work.

Some days I show up to work with a long list of to-dos and I don’t even know where to begin—time management is a skill I’m working on. I want to give every project, big or small, my full and undivided attention and make it special.

But truthfully, that’s very inefficient. If I had all the time in the world to dedicate to every little to-do, nothing would ever get done. I’m the most indecisive person I know (I think) and I need deadlines or else I procrastinate and overwork myself.

You're still reading, so maybe you can relate to this. Let’s focus on how we can save ourselves.

Begin Your Day Right

What frame of mind are you in? A positive outlook can make a big difference in your work performance and goal setting.

According to Harvard Business Review, there are two ways to approach tasks. The first is what psychologists call promotion focused. This is when you strive to do a task because once you complete it, you’ll feel better. Your achievements make you feel accomplished. Since you work better when you’re hopeful and eager, this can be very motivating.

On the flipside, the second way is called prevention focused. This mindset focuses on avoiding loss and gaining success. By taking action immediately and conquering your fear of loss, you avoid stress and get your task done.

One challenge creatives face every day is feeling inspired enough to make things.

“Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work.” Chuck Close, Artist

You can’t always wait for inspiration to strike, sometimes you just got to go do. Approaching a task with a promotion or prevention focused mindset will help feign off anxiety, lack of motivation, and having zero willpower.

Lighten Up A Little

Don’t let your mood influence the way you approach your day at work. Be mindful of yourself and your surroundings by staying in the present and leaving your baggage out of the office. If you’re working remote, this may be more difficult, but it’s still possible for you to find a place you can get your work done and set aside stress.

Who hasn’t heard the phrase work-life balance? Having side projects and doing things you enjoy outside of work can be wonderful for your confidence, energy and work performance.

Taking an interest in a hobby can do wonders for your mood at work. Sign up for yoga classes, give gardening a try, start reading a book series, take up knitting or anything else!

Give Yourself A Break

Go caffeinate. Step outside and walk around (sunshine is a great energy stimulant). Leave the office for lunch with a co-worker, friend or family member. Give anything a try that will brighten your day.

With your restored energy, you’ll return to work with clearer eyes, a shinier smile, and a glowing aura, ready to attack your to-dos and leave work feeling accomplished! Think about how you want your day to end, and motivate yourself with the right mindset to take you there. Go forth and make work feel like it's not work.

Searching for more ways to improve your work mood? Head on over to our resources page for some free goodies, courtesy of 9 Clouds.



Photo: Kurt Faler