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Light Up Social Media at Your Car Dealership with Facebook Beacon

“Follow us on Facebook!”

“Like us on Facebook!”

“See our latest news—on Facebook”

You probably have these signs all over your sales floor. After all, social media engagement is a crucial component in your marketing strategy. But what if you could just remind people to Like you while they're thumbing through Facebook in your customer lounge?


With the Facebook Bluetooth® Beacon, you can do exactly that.

The Beacon is a small “always on” Blue Tooth Smart device with a range of around 100 feet. It does not collect any information about users or your store, it simply broadcasts to users within range who  have Blue Tooth and Location Services enabled.11414432_1454216544892148_1122565597_n-300x165The initial setup is as simple as turning it on, setting it down, and logging on to a website to tell Facebook how it should engage with your customers.

Once your beacon is set up and broadcasting at your business, your customers will be delivered your content when they use Facebook. Even if they aren't following you.

beacon-300x206With your Beacon broadcasting, you can greet them with a welcome message, remind them to like and follow you and provide convenient access to store information such as special offers or contact information. You can even serve up special “hidden” offers that are only available to customers who are on location.

While your customers are “distracted” by their phones, you can still be engaging with them. As they scroll through their timeline, you'll be right there in front of them.

As we've said before, online reviews are critical for SEO. Facebook Beacons can also remind your customers to review your dealership while they’re there and the experience is still fresh in their minds. You give your customers a great shopping experience, don’t let an opportunity to get credit for that slip away.

With Facebook Beacon, you can increase your reach and engagement without spending a penny on Facebook ads. By driving your customers to write reviews you can even improve your SEO. As you increase likes and engagements through beacon, your posts will perform better across Facebook. If your dealership doesn't have a Facebook Beacon, it should.

Of course, the Facebook Beacon is just one small part of creating and maintaining a complete and effective digital marketing plan for your auto dealership. Not sure what to do next? Head over to our resources page. Need help? We'd love to be part of your team.

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