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Lead Tracking for Auto Dealers [eBook]

Technology is changing the way people live, and that includes car shopping. Ten or 15 years ago, vehicle buyers wouldn't have started their search online, but today, that's not the case.

There is good news, though. Even though potential customers are moving toward online shopping, they aren’t out of your reach.

Connect with Customers

In 2015, the average car buyer will only visit 1.6 dealership lots while shopping. Back in the early 2000s, that average was 5, so it's clear how quickly the online marketplace is changing buyer habits.

You can still connect with those customers, but you'll need to employ some new technology to do it. One of the most important digital tools for your dealership is online lead tracking.

Don't fight against technology. Use it to your advantage. You might be surprised how much information awaits you online.

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We explored lead tracking specifically with our automotive friends in mind, and we ended up with more information than we could fit in one blog post. So we compiled it into a free eBook.

Download our Lead Tracking for Auto Dealers eBook to learn how to turn online browsers into real-life customers.

This eBook explains how to:

  • Use online lead tracking software
  • Start — and maintain — digital marketing strategies for your dealership
  • Deliver qualified leads to your sales team
  • Unlock the full potential of available online data

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